While I was in PST

30 Nov

Hillary Clinton definitely will be the next Secretary of State. Let the game of replacement dominoes commence.

Housing Activist Harvey Garrett was voted off the board of the organization formerly known as the West Side Neighborhood Housing Services. According to Artvoice, the Mayor’s office sent a bunch of lackeys to join the organization, giving them voting rights, and although 17 people showed up for the annual meeting, 37 anti-Garrett absentee ballots were presented. As one might predict in Buffalo, it all has to do with political power and who gets to control a large-for-Buffalo-pittance-elsewhere cache of cash. One might also credibly predict that all of this will have a negligible measurable effect. Except, of course, for the rile-up factor. If riling people up was an industry, Buffalo would be a boomtown.

Check out a new blog by Chris Hawley called the Hydraulics.

This is a blog devoted to the people, places, histories, news, and events related to the Hydraulics, Buffalo’s oldest manufacturing district and one of America’s most important industrial heritage sites.

Few people, even in Buffalo, are aware of what the Hydraulics really is. This blog attempts to unravel the mystery and tell the story of people and a place that might otherwise be lost to history. It will be a source of information on exciting, progressive efforts to revitalize and repurpose the district in the 21st century, and it will investigate challenges and opportunities the neighborhood faces today.

The Hydraulics is an industrial precinct about a mile east of downtown Buffalo founded in 1827 by the Buffalo Hydraulic Association, a private investment company that financed the construction of a Hydraulic Canal that powered mills, tanneries, and breweries assembled in the district from the 1830s onwards. After the 1840s, the Hydraulics was criss-crossed by an extensive network of railroads, the largest in the country outside of Chicago, that revolutionized Buffalo and transformed the neighborhood into one of the country’s premier manufacturing centers. By the late 19th century the district was a hotbed of industrial innovation and the test site for some of the latest ideas in architecture and engineering.

Buffalo’s weather is one of its best features.

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    […] briefly touched upon the story that Harvey Garrett had been unceremoniously ousted from the board of West Side Neighborhood Housing Services by a […]

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