Morning Roundup

27 Jan cameras capture Senator Schumer discussing Senator Gillibrand’s qualifications:

Some people in the Hudson Valley are quite pleased with the notion of Senator Gillibrand, and have even begun marketing the notion. Politicker counts about 30+ people interested in her congressional seat.

I can’t quite understand Republicans’ opposition to spending $875 billion to stimulate the domestic economy, given the trillion-ish dollars we’ve spent and thousands of lives lost to transform Iraq from a totalitarian kleptocratic dictatorship into a para-failed state with sectarian schism and violence, and a very close relationship with Iran.

New York’s former Health Commissioner, Dr. Antonia Novello, apparently loved to spend taxpayers’ money on a whole bunch of crap no one wanted or needed. She also treated aides and employees as if they were her private household staff. The notion among some politicians – particularly those in New York State – that public office is a sort of latter-day, New-World, nouveau nobility is one that needs to be hunted, quashed, and prosecuted. But do you know who I am?!

This story about SoS Hillary Clinton giving Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) a tongue-lashing is precious.

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