Gillibrand’s Questionnaire and WNY Visit

30 Jan

It’s not particularly fascinating, but it does represent some form of contemporary transparency and gives you a glimpse into what Paterson was looking for. Senator Gillibrand’s website is here.

Gillibrand will be in Western New York this weekend, but she’ll be meeting with certain officials and electeds. Not with you. Or you.

Her plan is to meet with a handful of local elected officials, the Mayor and the County Executive, then travel to Niagara Falls to do the same up there.

Her whirlwind trip into WNY already has some local officials feeling snubbed by the junior Senator as they were not invited to attend the small event tomorrow afternoon in downtown Buffalo.

Word is Gillibrand already has her hand out too, looking for someone to set up a local fundraising committee for her in the upcoming weeks.

NO public appearances are planned for the trip to WNY.

That’s just like when Caroline came to Buffalo, except without the … no, it’s just like it.

One Response to “Gillibrand’s Questionnaire and WNY Visit”

  1. probuff January 31, 2009 at 1:33 am #

    how awesome to see all the questions he asked about her plans to improve/grow/reform new york.

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