Steele @ RNC

31 Jan

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was elected chairman of the Republican National Committee yesterday, beating out some Tennessee scumbag who sent out a CD with an allegedly satirical song called, “Barack, the Magic Negro” on it and a South Carolina chairman who belonged to a whites-only club until last September. Steele is black and from Maryland – a big-step effort by a marginalized party to try and reverse its slide into reactionary regionalism.

For this, the RNC should be commended – for the fact that they recognized that neither the songster nor the segregationist would be good to move the party forward, or to help it become more inclusive. Marc Ambinder noted:

The RNC isn’t diverse yet; only five black delegates were chosen to attend the national convention. Steele was disgusted by that. It prompted him to run.

Every little bit helps, and it helps the country that the opposition may focus more on its core economic message rather than its social orthodoxy issues.

9 Responses to “Steele @ RNC”

  1. Brian at 2:14 pm #

    I tend to think this pick has more to do with getting non-racist whites than it does blacks.
    …and seriously, what core economic message??? For as long as I can remember, the republicans keep talking about getting back to their core economic message. I want to know what a governing republican has done in the last 20 years to enact measures that encompass these core economic principles that differ from democrats.
    The republican party is the party of social orthodoxy issues. Independents shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking otherwise.

  2. Denizen at 2:19 pm #

    The Republican party is on its way to suffering the same fate at the Whigs. This is a last-ditch effort to try and scrape together a brittle facade of credibility.

    This is a ripe time for a moderate, inclusive 3rd party to rise up from the ashes; a party that’s willing to right-size government while taking progressive action on pressing issues like the environmental crisis, economic depression , and energy depletion, while letting states deal with most of the divisive social issues that currently muddy the national debate.

  3. The Humanist at 2:47 pm #

    This would be the same Michael Steele who, when running for Lt. Governor in Maryland in 2002, defended his running mate’s fundraiser at a whites-only country club. Who also fabricated a story about Oreo cookies being thrown at him at a debate. Who also compared stem cell research to Nazi experimentation and slavery when speaking to a Jewish group during his Senate campaign in 2006:

    “In an appearance Thursday before the Baltimore Jewish Council, Steele responded to a question about stem cell research by saying he was
    ‘cautious’ about the idea of ‘tinkering around with life,’ and added:

    ‘Look, you of all folks know what happens when people decide they want to experiment on human beings, when they want to take your life and use it as a tool,’ Steele said, according to a recording of the event. ‘I know that as well from my community and our experience with slavery.'”

    Plus ça change!

  4. Jim Ostrowski at 11:15 am #

    He’s a me-too Republican. That’s failed for over 50 years. He chased out the Ron Paul people, the only group that was bringing in new money and fresh young faces.

  5. Jeff at 6:04 am #

    Well, he’s definitely got Bush Administration-style tendancies.

    Can you cite a more transparent use of someone’s race for PR than this?

    Oh yeah, the RNC convention in 2004!

    Look everybody! We’ve got “people of color” at our convention! There may be only 5, but we’ll show them a thousand times!

  6. Mike In WNY at 10:11 am #

    @Jeff, are you suggesting reverse discrimination?

  7. hank at 10:21 am #

    For the Record:
    BARACK THE MAGIC NEGRO was the title of an article in the Los Angeles Times in 2007. Last time I checked, the LA Times is NOT exactly a right-leaning newspaper, so BLAME THEM for the inspiration.

    The song is a parody using an impression of Al Sharpton’s voice. It was written by Paul Shanklin, who does parody songs for your BFF in the whole wide world, the all-knowing Maha Rushie.

    I know I wouldn’t have done it, and I doubt I would have advised anyone, regardless of race, to do it.

    Does sending out this song, which was part of Al Sharpton’s “Barack isn’t Black enough to be President” tirade, make this white guy a scumbag?

    If you suffer from white liberal guilt, absolutely!!!

    If you want to direct blame for this song on anyone, It’s the LA Times and Al Sharpton, neither being members of the vast right wing conspiracy.

  8. mike at 11:47 am #

    For the record :
    Hank clicked on the link within the pundits post, which has all the same information except he leaves out the part about Rush Limburger playing on his show in 2007.

  9. The Humanist at 9:34 pm #

    @Hank – I would love for you to venture to any one of a number of black neighborhoods and share your thoughts on why the LA Times makes it OK for white people to say “Negro”.

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