The Ongoing Saga of Syaed Ali

6 Feb

On the front page of, you’ll find the supposed defamatory content that Syaed Ali allegedly sent out via press release in an attempt to embarrass the Byron Brown Administration.

By now, most people in WNY have heard something about the plight of Syaed Ali.  Ali has been accused of sending emails and instant message transcripts to media outlets which claimed various indignities and shenanigans conducted by members of Byron Brown’s administration.

These emails surfaced shortly after a shadowy political organization alleged as loosely affiliated with Steve Pigeon and Responsible New York called Mothers and Fathers Demanding Answers launched a scandalous and anonymous campaign targeting one of Pigeon’s longtime adversaries, State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt.  At the time, it seemed as if the internecine squabbling between various forces in the Democratic Party had reached an all-time fever pitch.  After Joe Illuzzi published private emails between Assemblyman Hoyt and an Albany associate, all hell broke loose on the media front.  No one was sure as to the veracity of WNY First’s claims, nor did anyone know who sent the messages.

The content of the press releases was comical in its lameness and fakery and with Ali making daily appearances on the pages of Artvoice, Gramigna’s News and Scientology Today website and the venerable Buffalo News, I thought it was time to post what everyone has been dancing around for months.

From: WNY First []
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008 5:41 PM
Subject: Breaking News: (Name Redacted) Caught Pants Down with Male Journalist

WNY First
Press Release
Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Immediate Release

(Name Redacted) Caught Pants Down with Male Journalist

Buffalo, NY – A top official in Buffalo’s Mayoral Administration has confidentially and anonymously disclosed a series of emails, and text messages, between (name redacted) and a local journalist.

Et cetera, so on, and so forth.

To my surprise, the boys over at Artvoice put up a video interview with the alleged perpetrator of the lamest political scandal in Buffalo History.  The interview is replete with the standard issue facial shadows to hide Ali’s identity.  After watching this interview, I kept thinking that the guy in the interview sounds like an incredible doofus.


Whatever you make of the allegations or the veracity of Ali’s claims, this is just good times for fans of massive political FAIL.

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