Fred Phelps’ Cult Gets PWN3D in Clarence Center

23 Feb

On Sunday, these imbeciles came to my town:

They chose to leave Kansas, drive halfway around the country and spread their profane hate and filth:

A sorrier little trio of morons I’ve seldom seen.

But this is Western New York, and this is what greeted them:

About 100 average western New Yorkers from around the area came to Clarence Center to tell the hateful cretins to take it someplace else. No one wants these fools to preach hatred in our towns. No one wants these idiots to disrupt church services or preach their ignorant hatred. No one wants a bunch of morons to disrupt a memorial service for the victim of a plane crash. In WNY, Fred Phelps’ sorry group of cultists got pwn3d.

Photos courtesy of NY_Lucy at Flickr, who wrote about it at Artvoice.

9 Responses to “Fred Phelps’ Cult Gets PWN3D in Clarence Center”

  1. tedd February 23, 2009 at 6:53 pm #

    Clarence Center Coffee Co. appreciates the free advertising in the name if good people every where; on the other hand, man, the Bank of Akron is pissed.

  2. sconsetmonkey February 23, 2009 at 9:42 pm #

    “…held flags and chanted the Pledge of Allegiance.”

    Now that’s funny.

  3. Brian February 24, 2009 at 3:39 am #

    Sorry, WRONG move.

    I am not a turn-the-other-cheek kinda person, however, even though I know it may not be as much fun, the WORST thing you could possibly do in the eyes of these clowns is IGNORE THEM. Just pretend they are not there.

    Every other possible response, no matter what it is, gives them satisfaction. That is what people all over the country seem to not get. It takes a lot of self control to NOT do something, but that is the only thing that will make them feel irrelevant.

    All of those people who showed up just played right into those nutjobs hands.

  4. mamcrat February 24, 2009 at 5:03 am #

    Awesome. But why are those people dressed as wind turbines? 🙂

  5. frieda February 24, 2009 at 10:41 am #

    Apparently, the rest of the group was picketing the OSCARS. Including mama Phelps. The three that were sent to Buffalo , instead of Souther CA, said ‘Screw this’.

  6. ROG February 24, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    He’s coming to MY town (Albany, NY) on March 6. Counterprotest:

  7. John J. Tormey III, Esq. February 28, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

    Justice For The Clarence Center 50 – FIRE FAA’s Lynne Osmus and Hank Krakowski
    Photos and biographies of the aircrash victims, links, and the full text of this message, can be found at:

    America continues to learn that the victims of the Clarence Center aviation disaster were great people.

    But one example:
    The late “Dawn Monachino of Clarence typically drove 10 hours round-trip to Pennsylvania, every two weeks, to be with her mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease”.

    Dawn was a hero. So were her fellow passengers. They died to make our air travel safer. But they should not have been taken from us.

    Quiet Rockland extends thoughts, sympathies, and prayers to families and friends of the victims of the horrible airplane crash which occurred near Buffalo, New York in the nearby hamlet of Clarence Center, Continental (Connections) Flight #3407, on Friday, February 13, 2009. The crash of Flight #3407 was but part of the legacy of harmful malfeasance rendered to us by now-exited failed Acting FAA Administrator Robert Allan (“Bobby”) Sturgell, now-exited failed FAA “Safety Officer” Nicholas Sabatini – and still-in-office FAA COO Hank Krakowski and Acting FAA Administrator Lynne A. (Dobler) Osmus.

    The victims of the Flight #3407 crash were kind and decent people, with hopes and dreams. None of them deserved to die at the hands of malicious bureaucrats. We again call upon the President, USDOT Secretary LaHood, and Congress, to immediately remove Lynne Osmus and Hank Krakowski from FAA and from all other government work, permanently. We again call upon President, USDOT Secretary LaHood, and Congress, to now give FAA the top-to-bottom clean-out of other FAA personnel recommended by Congressman Oberstar last year, before Flight #3407 ever happened. If the clean-out of FAA had happened already, the crash of Flight #3407 may not have happened. Finally, we want a Congressional investigation into the circumstances of the timing of the hasty departure announcement by NTSB Member Steven R. Chealander, which announcement occurred but a week after he commenced work on the February 13 Flight #3407 crash. We want answers. We want justice. We want a new FAA.

    Photos and biographies of the Clarence Center crash victims, and the full text of this message, can be found at:

  8. Albany area ready March 5, 2009 at 1:07 pm #

    OK, they are on their way to Albany for hate spreading and malice mongering. There will be a peaceful demonstration for them but I agree that putting them in their place requires avoidance of them. Giving them, greeting them, meeting them on their turf only fuels the fire. It was glorious to see the people of Clarence solidly demonstrate a true christian sense of community around the victims of this crash but they have already shown their compassion and love for fellow man, they did not have to demonstrate against hate and insanity. The people representing phelps should be given a gift and warm handshake, not just a cheek turned away. Embrace them in the face of hate and watch the tide against them turn. Feed them, give them shelter, a cup of coffee, all the while letting them know that it is offered by the gay, Obama supporting, loving christian/jew/muslim people that they hate. Don’t turn the other cheek, show them the love and acceptance they refuse to dispense.


  1. When Hate Comes to Town - Roger Green - Information Without The Bun - - Albany NY - March 1, 2009

    […] I was recently reading the musings of a Buffalo, NY blogger about the recent appearance of “representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church when they showed up to protest the services for the victims of the Continental Airlines plane crash. Nice to see that these nitwits got nowhere with their shenanigans, thanks to lots of local people who showed up to basically marginalize them and make them invisible,” including said blogger’s parents; more Clarence Center pictures here. […]

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