Syaed Ali Says Goodbye To Buffalo

23 Feb

In an email press release which I received from embattled political doofus Syaed Ali, I was informed that Mr. Ali intends to shut down the operations of his company SAIL-IT and move it out of Greater Buffalo.

We have made a decision to greatly reduce our presence in the Town of Buffalo.  Our current operations facilities will be moved to Toronto, Ontario and all other planned expanded employment opportunities will be relocated to the Canadian side of the region. Moreover our headquarters will be moved to Connecticut, and we will maintain our marketing team and implementation specialists to serve current and future clients in Western New York.

I will by the use of the Court System expose the illegal actions of Mayor Byron Brown in the illegal raid, conversion, and abduction last year.

The locals including some members of the media are unequivocally slow and ignorant to understand the ramifications of actions carried out by Mr. Brown.

Good luck to the Town of Buffalo.  Your town/ city is a Metropolitan Mayberry and your Mayor Administration resembles “Sanford and Son”.   The only difference is Brown and Son drives around a monster truck crushing vehicles, and than charges fines to the vehicle owners for being in the way.  Instead of purchasing junk Brown and Son gets search warrants and steals property, and than threatens to press charges for retaining legal counsel and talking to the media.  Brown & Son runs people over and than sues people for being in the way, and for the damages to the bumper.

At any rate Good Luck to the City/Town of Buffalo with  the above mentioned attributes of politicians, and a populace that continuously rolls over for a bunch of criminals like Brown & Son you are going nowhere but down.

Good Luck Buffalo
Syaed Ali


The above is an advertisement running at the top of Glenn Gramigna’s Shuck and Jive Political Fraud Site.

Based on Ali’s previous press releases, Mr. Ali moving his company to Connecticut and Southern Ontario is a loss for Buffalo and WNY.  Sadly, after some inquiries into SAIL-IT as to the validity of those press releases, Ali has taken them down from his website.

At various times in the past, Ali sent us updates on his intentions to hire 1000-1200 people to staff a data/call center operation, the release of a revolutionary real estate management application which would result in hundreds of new hires as well as monthly missives about the explosive growth of his nascent IT empire.  In essence, this was a world class information technology corporation which could handle everything from social media marketing, telephony, VoIP, web hosting, real estate and network management.  In fact, looking at his portfolio of services, it’s clear there is nothing that his company can’t do.

Let’s take a look at one of his service offerings, let’s say…Telecommunications and VOIP Solutions:

Custom Prompts For Your Open Source IP PBX

PBX Prompts is an online store where users of IP PBX Platforms such as Asterisk, Fonality or Switchvox, as well as users of other open architecture PBX systems can purchase pre-recorded audio files for use within their phone system. The prompts are available in a variety of languages and dialects, featuring both male and female voice talent. Offering standard prerecorded basic and advanced prompts sets, PBX Prompts gives small medium businesses across the globe a crisp, clear, professional voice. In addition to the prerecorded sets of prompts, PBX Prompts also offers the ability for buyers to order custom recordings using the same voice as the prerecorded sets. The end result of prerecorded and custom prompts is a multi-lingual business phone system with a consistent and professional sound throughout.
Asterisk Library

Asterisk Library is a daily new media site that delivers Asterisk related news, information, how-to’s, best practices, and editorials from Asterisk professionals in a format that easy for the non-Asterisk or VoIP professional to read, understand, and apply.

That sounds like a pretty good service offering.  I think I might have read it somewhere before…oh yeah!  It’s the same exact service offered by Sayers Media Group, a reputable up-and-coming technology firm in Buffalo

Ali cribbed the marketing information (word-for-word) from their site for use on his own (designed by Microsoft Word).  You’ll find that most of the products and services “offered” by Ali’s company are descriptions of those offered by other, more successful companies.  I contacted Sayers Media Group and spoke with Garrett Smith, their Director of Business Development and he confirmed that they had never done business with Ali in any capacity nor had they given him permission to re-purpose their marketing materials as his own.  In fact, they had never heard of Ali nor his company until I called them.

Now that we’ve found that Ali’s company doesn’t offer much in the realm of actual services, let’s check out his corporate filings.  The NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations, Entity Information Database shows that Ali formed SAIL-IT Incorporated as a Domestic Corporation in October of 2007 with a registered address of business of 568 Breckenridge Avenue in Buffalo, NY.  Where might this corporation which bills itself as the “the largest Virtual Information system service outsourcing provider in the entire world” choose to operate from in Buffalo?  Here:


SAIL-IT’s filings with the Erie County Clerk are similar (and handwritten) and specify this house on Breckenridge as his place of business.  After further inquiries, there were unconfirmed reports that Ali once had a place of business on Abbott Road in South Buffalo, but there is no public listing for that business in any record or directory.

As a systems engineer for one of the top IT vendors in the world, I deal with pretty much every IT department (big and small) in the City of Buffalo and WNY.  Never once has anyone that I work with stated they knew of or had done business with Mr. Ali.  His frequent pronouncements of incredible business growth were coupled with poorly written press releases and a website BuffaloPundit’s eight year old daughter could have made.  Based on public records reviewed to this point, his company is not what he claims it to be.

This is a guy who can’t seem to get out of his own way.  Is he behind the chain of emails which claimed a senior member of the Brown Administration was having hot gay sex with a local reporter?  Who knows?

Was he subjected to bright light questioning in a dark room at the Main Place Mall at the hands of unnamed, nefarious city hall officials and rogue police?  Maybe.

If he was treated that way, it is pretty sad that Ali will have trouble proving his claims since his entire professional reputation appears to be based in alternative version of reality.  Based on the information about his company, Ali lacks credibility.  Is he playing the patsy in some backroom political war between political camps in Buffalo?  Perhaps.  If so, whoever chose him to be the front man, chose wisely indeed.

There is more to this story, hopefully Geoff Kelly over at Artvoice will keep pursuing it and find where it leads.

6 Responses to “Syaed Ali Says Goodbye To Buffalo”

  1. Mary February 28, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    I haven’t been following this too closely but just some thoughts–first, the guy craves attention. Second, he has a flare for the dramatic and likes to embellish things, calling the veracity of everything he says into question. Did someone, perhaps a political ally of Brown set him up as a stooge? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Also, Ali writes, “I will by the use of the Court System expose the illegal actions of Mayor Byron Brown in the illegal raid, conversion, and abduction last year.”

    Conversion? What is that supposed to mean? Who tried to convert him, and convert him to what? Abduction? More melodrama.

    Lastly, since this guy obviously loves to write, somebody should suggest that he get a blog to use as an outlet of his frustration like millions of other people do.

  2. Mary February 28, 2009 at 2:28 pm #

    Oops. I meant a poltical enemy of Brown. Since the emails that started this whole thing involved sex perhaps that’s an important clue to unraveling this whole thing. Who would have had a motive to want to attack Brown with allegations of seedy sex as a form of revenge?


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