Syaed Ali and Glenn Gramigna

10 Mar

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written a few articles about the ongoing saga of Syaed Ali and his alleged unlawful detention and questioning by city personnel affiliated with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.  I have also looked into Mr. Ali’s background and publicly available information about both he and his company.

After all, if someone claims that thuggish associates of a Mayor in a major American city essentially kidnapped him, stashed him in a dark room and questioned him for hours to pursue a political end, it might make sense to look into the integrity and credibility of the accuser.  Even if the Mayor and his political organization are known to dole out political punishment to those who deign to criticize them in public.

Over the past month or so, we have learned the following:

– Syaed Ali’s corporate website contained copyrighted material stolen from Iron Mountain, Sayers Media Group and other local companies.

– Syaed Ali and SAIL-IT claimed to offer product lines and services that were the property of other companies.  Phone calls to those companies confirmed that they had never had any business dealings with neither Ali nor SAIL-IT in any capacity.

– SAIL-IT has no corporate offices and their claims of world class facilities should probably be dialed down and described as Syaed’s kitchen in his Breckenridge Avenue apartment.

– SAIL-IT’s account on the Buffalo Niagara Partnership jobs page was suspended due to frequent posting of bogus job listings on the BNP website.

– SAIL-IT even steals its job descriptions from other companies.  I mean, for fuck’s sake.  This doofus makes it too easy.  Anyone with a google search engine and a brain cell can determine he is an absolute phony.

Ali cut and paste the job description for Public Government Relations Specialist for Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, LA and posted it on Glenn Gramigna’s website as his own.

– After issuing a press release informing local media outlets that he would be pulling up the stakes of his invisible company and moving it to Southern Ontario, I posted about it.  Yesterday, Glenn Gramigna implied that I am rumor-mongering and passing false information about Ali’s company.  To the contrary, I simply reposted Ali’s own press release.

This story is so incredibly weird, it’s fascinating.  We have a guy with delusions of grandeur related to a company that doesn’t really exist claiming that the Mayor of a major American city kidnapped him and questioned him without representation for hours.  The Mayor’s thugs accused him of defamation for circulating emails that alleged that members of the Mayor’s staff enjoyed fellating local reporters.

Wait, it gets better!  Acting as the public relations agent for this guy is a nebbish scientologist “reporter” formerly affiliated with a crooked political reporter/convicted bank robber/child support deadbeat.  Gramigna was employed by Illuzzi for years and their split was public and nasty.

Gramigna and Illuzzi have operated with impunity for years as shakedown artists and the politicians have been willing to hand money over to them for the privilege of not being defamed or harassed with outlandish claims.  Now, Gramigna is allied with a guy who is making outlandish claims against Illuzzi’s political sugardaddy, Byron Brown.

It’s incestuous, weird and utterly fascinating from an inside baseball perspective.  However, there is a bigger story here and the longer we keep pulling at the strings, I suspect we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be talking to other sources in the community about Syaed Ali, his imaginary company, his political connections, his ill-fated run for County Legislature, his pursuit of state funding for personal interests and how Gramigna and Illuzzi shake down your local politicians for money.  We’ll also eagerly await further reports from Geoff Kelly at Artvoice about Ali’s allegations.

One Response to “Syaed Ali and Glenn Gramigna”

  1. Starbuck March 10, 2009 at 8:23 pm #

    Why do I have a feeling a well respected or gray-bearded voice inside someone’s head will soon note aloud how it’s not impossible that Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, LA might have hired global powerhouse SAIL-IT to help write their recruiting ads?

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