Some Guest Bloggers

10 Apr

Over the next week, some friends of mine will be posting here. I hope you enjoy their insight and their pieces, and that you commenters don’t blow everything up go boom.

They’re all set to go, and I’ll let them do the introductions as they log on.

2 Responses to “Some Guest Bloggers”

  1. mamacrat at 7:41 pm #

    Happy Easter, everyone. And in the true Christian spirit, I hope everyone of you spending time on warm, sunny beach gets a wicked sunburn. Twice.

  2. Robert Harding at 7:56 pm #

    I will get my introduction out of the way.

    I will be guest blogging for BP over the next week. I’ll probably post once daily just to keep things fresh. I’m sure the other volunteers will do something similar.

    If you know me, I won’t need to give you my spiel. If you don’t know me, go to The Albany Project and read my work. That pretty much covers it.

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