Scott Murphy Won NY-20

22 Apr

(HT to the Politicker for the pic)

It’s not official yet, but you can take it to the bank. Jim Tedisco, Republican Assembly hack extraordinaire, will lose by about 300 votes, give or take. 1,500 challenged ballots remain – most of them challenged by Tedisco. First-time candidate, businessman, Democrat Scott Murphy will follow in Kirstin Gillibrand’s footsteps.

It’s quite amazing. In fact, it’s an exact replica of the situation that we in Erie County had in 2007 in the Collins vs. Keane race. Except Murphy is Collins and Tedisco is Keane.

The significance of this is that the national Republicans had built that race up as a litmus test. The silent majority was horrified by Obama’s stimulus package and disgusted by the way his administration had begun. Hell, Obama failed before he stepped into the White House! USA 7/4/1776 – 1/20/09! Hussein Osama!

Here’s what House Minority Leader John Boehner said at CPAC a few months ago:

We need to compete everywhere. And when I say compete everywhere, New York 20 is probably the best example. This is where Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the Senate. It’s an open race. Jim Tedisco is the minority leader in the New York assembly. He is our candidate.

This election is on March 31st, and it is a giant opportunity for us to let America know that America is on our side. And so, if you’re looking for ways to get plugged in, go get plugged in.

Notice that – it wasn’t an opportunity for a pickup. It was an opportunity for the Republicans to go, “whew, you still like us. You really like us!”

Well, NY-20 has a 70,000 Republican enrollment advantage, and on that one issue – the stimulus, Tedisco blew it like a champ. For weeks, he disingenuously refused to say whether he would have voted for it (even though every Republican congressman voted “no”). When finally he said he would have voted no, too, the way in which he did it was turned into a fabulous commercial by the Murphy folks:

Election day was a nailbiter. The recount has continued in the meantime, with Tedisco angling to minimize the number of eligible ballots. Including, comically, Gillibrand’s own ballot. This from a guy who doesn’t even live in the district and couldn’t vote for himself.

I am not one to overstate the significance of this win, although I’m pleased that it happened. But if, as Boehner and Gingrich (and others) suggested, this was a litmus test, it didn’t go so well for them.

3 Responses to “Scott Murphy Won NY-20”

  1. Doug K April 22, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

    Kudos to Mr. Murphy for his hard-fought victory.

    NY’ers will be watching for Mr. Murphy to “talk-the-talk to Wall Street and create the jobs we need on Main Street.”

  2. The Humanist April 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    Goodbye Sister Disco
    With your flashing trash lamps
    Goodbye Sister Disco
    And to your clubs and your tramps

  3. Mike In WNY April 22, 2009 at 7:18 pm #

    You can thank libertarian candidate, Eric Sundwall, for the margin of victory.

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