Maybe He Can Run for NYS Senate

23 Jun

Joe the Plumber has gone from the D-list to the F-list, and for all his moaning about being paid attention to, negatively and positively, he’s still out doing “speaking” engagements, trying to cash in on minute 15:03.

“This country has been great for over 180 years,” Wurzelbacher said after urging folks to study the Constitution. It wasn’t clear whether something happened in the late 1820s to make the United States great, but other than a few puzzled glances from the crowd, everyone went with it.

Answering questions from the well-lubricated crowd, Wurzelbacher revealed that he hasn’t made any money from the book he wrote, “Joe the Plumber – Fighting for the American Dream,” issued by the tiny PearlGate Publishing imprint, but suggested there could be “Joe the Plumber” Christmas ornaments in his merchandising future.

Perhaps he could agitate for better edumacashuns for ar kidz.

Nah. That’s socialism.

2 Responses to “Maybe He Can Run for NYS Senate”

  1. Brian June 23, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    The party of anti-intellectualism has certainly found a gem in Joe.

  2. jen June 24, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    “Joe the Plumber – Fighting for the American Dream,”

    Sorry Joe, but I only had so much money on me and decided instead to purchase, “Will There Ever be a Rainbow?” By Montgomery Burns.

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