Kevin Hardwick For County Legislator

6 Jul


In the fall of 1992, I was an idealistic freshman at Canisius College.  As an active volunteer for the Clinton/Gore campaign, I was excited to cast my first vote for President in November.  I was certain that voting Republican was pretty close to killing kittens on the ethical scale and I wasn’t really open to hearing any different.  You remember how you knew it all back in college?  Yeah, me too.

And then I met a professor who changed the way I thought about politics and government.  His name was Dr. Kevin Hardwick.  After some introductory chatter between the Professor and the students, it was clear that Dr. Hardwick was of a Republican political bent and very interested in how we each came to our particular spot on the electoral spectrum.

Over the course of two semesters, he spoke reverently about American government and politics.  His respect for the country was impressive and his knowledge obvious.  Slowly, I came to adopt some newly found critical thinking muscles about politics that I hadn’t really exercised to that point.  Kevin never advocated a particular ideology, he simply encouraged us to look at things from uncomfortable angles and new viewpoints.

While I still voted for Clinton in 1992, I have always tried to keep an open mind and to never be a reactionary party ideologue.  My politics is a mix of principles from across the spectrum and I try to always look at each candidate and issue from as many angles as possible.  I like to feel that I’m of no party and evaluate each candidate on their merits.  I’d like to think that has a lot to do with spending two semesters under the tutelage of Dr. Hardwick who has had hundreds, if not thousands, of students pass through his doors over the years.

When he informed me that he was running for County Legislature this year, I was excited to support him.  I’ve never been a particular fan of his opponent and I think Dr. Hardwick brings a level of experience, knowledge and maturity to a governing body which has lacked many of those qualities in recent memory.

There are those who might disregard him due to party affiliation, but Kevin is exactly the kind of guy we need in the legislature if we hope to build a better community.  He has a record of cutting costs, consolidating government and realizing efficiencies in his previous elected positions and he’s currently recommending several ways to cut costs and make government less partisan and more efficient.

I hope you’ll give consideration to Dr. Hardwick as he ramps us his campaign.  He is posting videos to YouTube, charming as they are in their lack of production quality, it’s pretty straight forward stuff.

9 Responses to “Kevin Hardwick For County Legislator”

  1. Josh at 9:28 pm #

    Your story with Dr. Hardwick is pretty much identical to mine, just 8 years removed. I was lucky to be able to chip in for his last two runs at the leg and I wish him the best this time as well.

  2. mike hudson at 3:06 pm #

    couldn’t agree more chris. intellectually and practically, kevin is head and shoulders above anyone on the legislature, and i’m only surprised he set his sights on the legislature rather than the state assembly or senate. i won’t be writing about this in the reporter, however, since one of your colleagues would charge that hardwick is firmly in the pocket of steve pigeon based on such evidence.

  3. Alan Bedenko at 8:20 pm #

    or maybe because Niagara Falls isn’t in Erie County.

  4. mike hudson at 12:31 pm #

    does not being in niagara falls prevent BUFFALO pundit from writing about it? since when?

  5. Christopher Smith at 2:17 pm #

    Since there is no evidence that Hardwick is being supported by Pigeon, why would we make that assertion? In fact, Pigeon nearly destroyed Hardwick a few years back.

    Your statement implies that there isn’t a truckload of evidence that you and Pigeon are/were in cahoots over the special Buffalo edition of The Niagara Falls Reporter slamming Sam Hoyt. So, let’s not be obtuse.

    Perhaps you can ask Pigeon how he feels about Hardwick on your next road trip to FAILtown with he and Illuzzi.

  6. mike hudson at 4:48 pm #

    i said nothing other than i agree with you about kevin harwick. and i never said that “we,” i.e. more than one person, has ever made any assertions whatsoever. i am not now nor ever was less than clear about running a special buffalo edition of the niagara falls reporter, an edition that was partially underwritten by responsible new york. that was one edition, of course, nearly a year ago, when bruce battaglia was actually in control of the paper. this year, responsible new york has placed either one or two ads, not three, which wnymedia or anyone else could purchase for $1,000 per. the como restaurant, empire auto, george edwards jewelers and quite a few other advertisers have spent more with the reporter over the past nine years — or the past year — than responsible new york. and it boggles my mind that the fact that i accepted a ride with an old friend, roger trevino, to go see the dalai lama in albany recently is seen as evidence of anything by the various conspiracy theorists running willy nilly up there in buffalo is, quite frankly, insane. alan implied that i have no right to write about what goes on anywhere other than niagara falls. he himself lives in clarence, writes about buffalo and regularly weighs in on niagara falls, so i just thought his argument was a little weak.

  7. Alan Bedenko at 8:43 pm #

    Hey Mike, no one gives a shit.

  8. mike hudson at 10:17 pm #

    so why then, alan, did you feel the need to butt in on what was really a “yes” vote on kevin hardwick, and complete agreement with chris’s position? i agree with the poster but get attacked anyway? odd. there are many small penised slavs back in cleveland, the city of my birth, but i can’t for the life of meremember any as small minded and vindictive as you. why don’t you tell us once more about the thinking process that allowed you to vote for bush in opposition to clinton?

  9. Kevin Hardwick at 12:42 pm #

    Thanks, Chris (and Josh D. and Mike H.) for your kind words.

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