Green Team

7 Jul


Yesterday, Byron Brown announced the formation of the “Green Team”, a group of volunteers dedicated to getting Buffalonians to recycle more of their stuff.

“Increasing our rate of recycling is an important way to reduce our carbon footprint,” Brown said at a press conference in Niagara Square. “Our implementation of the Green Team will serve as an effective way to educate all residents, both young and old, on the importance of recycling.”

The Brown administration set a goal on Earth Day to increase the city’s recycling rate, currently at 6 percent citywide. The mayor’s goal, he said, is to raise the rate 3 percent by April 22, 2010.

This is the first announcement in months out of the Brown administration that didn’t focus on the formation of a planning committee to form a sub-committee tasked with drawing up a blueprint for planning,

I wonder if Brown will be bringing in some outside “Green Team” consultants to help out the locals?  I’ll bet Arnold Darkshner is available.


One Response to “Green Team”

  1. Eric P. July 8, 2009 at 12:46 pm #

    Green Team vid was very good. It makes me want to get involved in saving the planet, MF’er! Brown Administration, while comical, just isn’t as much fun as the original Green Team.

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