You Know Who Needs Term Limits?

1 Aug

Here’s a question.

If I don’t like Chris Collins or any other politician who represents me or administers a government, I can participate in the political process in an effort to unseat him.  I can donate money to candidates, canvass, join my local committee, or run myself.   I know it’s hard to unseat and incumbent, but when the stars (and money) are aligned, it’s possible.

But the Buffalo Niagara Partnership and the alphabet soup of other, similar agencies that all trip over themselves and each other to attract businesses have proven themselves to be overall failures.  There’s no unifying theme, there’s no rhyme or reason to which agency handles what kind of project, there’s no one-stop shop whereby a company looking for economic development programs can go and get assistance.

We have a rudderless, aimless shambles of economic development entities with no unity and no plan.

The head of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership is Andrew Rudnick.  He makes a lot of money, and for what? What has our local preeminent chamber of commerce done for anyone lately?  What is Rudnick’s claim to business fame?

Compare Buffalo’s business development website and the BNP‘s with Toronto‘s.  Where is Buffalo’s “Agenda for Prosperity“?  You know, if you want to open a tchotchke shop and get a bank loan, you have to come up with a business plan for your tchotchke shop.  Buffalo?  No plan. No agenda.  No nothing.

(But if you want to do business with or in the city of Buffalo, get your checkbook out.  Make the check payable to “Mayor Brown’s Leadership Council“. That’s your business plan.)

Buffalo is generally a warm and inviting place, but when you start to challenge the primacy of entrenched power or business interests, they will try and destroy you.  Exhibit A is the BNP’s involvement and commentary on the Hamister / Golisano Sabres purchase.  If that didn’t unseat Rudnick, nothing will.

But local developer and perpetual gadfly Carl Paladino is making a lot of noise about Rudnick, and he may be gaining some traction.  Paladino isn’t a love-him-or-hate-him kind of guy.  He’s a love-him-one-day, hate-him-the-next kind of guy.  But he’s entertaining, he’s adequately self-funded to back up his bluster with action, and he’s right more often than not, even if he’s sometimes discourteous in his delivery.

Yesterday, the BNP bought a full-page ad in the Buffalo News to tout just how great it is.  If it was a food, it’d be a delicious pastry crust with a bullshit filling, right up there with Mayor Brown’s list of development successes, such as the insertion of a Tim Horton’s in a South Park Avenue gas station.  Artvoice’s Buck Quigley makes mincemeat of it here.

Here is Carl Paladino’s email missive from yesterday, addressed to Rudnick.  It’s hard to argue with any of it:

Hey Andy, Nice set up buddy.  The ad is a real piece of work, but the real beauty is in the timing.  I’ll bet your buddies Stan and Warren stayed up a night or 2 putting this little tribute of dribble together for you.  I wonder why they didn’t give you credit for allowing the sun to come up in the morning.  But of course, they didn’t write it.  You did.  And I am sure that you believe every word of it in your arrogant, condescending, myopic world of Andy.

Of course our community and its future should be in your hands.  Who could imagine any other person leading us when for the past 25 years you kept your finger on the leadership group and at the same time abrogated any sense of leadership in advocacy allowing inept, incompetant and in many cases criminal politicals and elected officials to serve themselves at the trough and ruin any atmosphere or opportunity we may have had that would have been inviting to business and job expansion to our area.  NYPA has abused us for years.  Not a wimper out of you.  Do you think when you take money from the State it compromises your ability to do the best for a community being strangled by the abusive Albany 2 step?  How can you claim independence and objectivity when you go to extraordinary lenghts to help the parasitic Montantes get unfair subsidies from the State to the detriment of others in your membership.  How can you be objective with the press when you are so up the behinds of the Warren/Stan boys choir.

Would Albany be what it is today if we had effective advocacy shedding a light on the bad guys.  Was your epistle to the membership last week an attempt to show on the record that you’re open to hearing and acting on input from the members?
Speaking of members why can’t you publish how many actual dues paying members you have that arn’t in it just for the health insurance?  Did you lie when you told Epstien 2200 people?  Your ad says 2500 members.  We can’t find them.  I’ll bet the guys who signed the ad don’t even know how many members there are in the organization.

Do you think they have any idea how bad you’re staff morale problem is?  Do you know how many of your former staff members have contacted me to offer their comments on your attitude and ability to judiciously lead?  And don’t tell us that you and your staff are working behind the scenes everyday applying your technical know how.  We’ve talked to the staff.  You’re infrequently around and give very little direction when you are.  The office atmosphere is quiet chaos. And certainly you show us no credible track record.  The list in the ad is not worht the time to comment on.

At 4:30 AM last week our honerable, chosen, idiot Sens. Antwain {just this side of plant life} Thompson and Billy {nothing going on} Stachowski sponsored a bill to allow NYPA to spread our WN&Y allocated power or the profits earned form its resale all around the State.  Thats about $200 Mil per year that should have been used to support economic development right here in WNY.  Where were you on that one Andy?

Maybe those who signed your ad find you tolerable.  They hurt their public image when they went against their sense of good judgement and signed on.   There is something severely wrong when people holding very responsible positions in the community act against thier own principals and substantive values for the sake of loyalty and respect for another.  Most of the people in Western N.Y. don’t like you Andy.  Stop putting good people out on a limb so you can hold on to something this important to thousands of people in the community.  Its not about you Andy.  Its about them.

It’s about that young person who was so discouraged that he or she had to leave the area and find his or her destiny elsewhere.  I’m not blaming you for doing bad things.  I blame you for doing nothing tangible about it and for not getting out of the way so someone else can try to stop the fall into the abyss.

I sincerely believe that Margaret in assigning Epstien to the story thought that the Rudnick debate had matured to the point that it was newsworthy and i’m sure she knew nothing of the ad.  By the way, how much did the ad cost you?  Who paid?  Did Stan give his old “deep throat” buddy a discount or was it free.   For years you have been a collector of power for the sole purpose of gathering information to pass on to the power elite including passing deep backround information on every possible topic to Stan and Warren, information gathered from every organization that you sought to dominate from your seat of power.

The talking is over now Andy.  Its time to poll the community not only on you, but sinse the News has reared its head, we’ll expand the target.  We’ll ask the people of Western New York to send us all a very clear signal on whether they are happy not only with the Stan and Andy show but also with the other status quo advocates in the community.  Take a rest for a week.  You’ll need it.

2 Responses to “You Know Who Needs Term Limits?”

  1. Buffalo Blood Donor August 3, 2009 at 8:40 am #

    What, no other comments? Shows you just how relevant this is to the WNY community. Two barking dogs, not much else.

    Paladino could serve WNY so much more if he elevated his crusade to Albany politics. Help clean up Albany first.



  2. jesse August 3, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    You want comments on Alan’s blog as an indicator of how much people care?

    When Carl says “We’ll ask the people of Western New York to send us all a very clear signal”, I want to know where to send that signal.

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