New York State Senate Hires Pedro Espada

11 Aug

That’s right.  The Democratic majority in the New York State Senate has inexplicably and tone-deafidely hired Pedro G. Espada, son of the Bronx/Westchester Senator who flipped back and forth between the Democratic and Republican caucuses a few months ago.

Espada the younger will earn an astonishing $120,000 as “Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Relations”.

Why yes, it is a newly created position.

As this post at TAP suggests, I’d rather the Democrats were in the minority than handing six-figure patronage jobs to the sons of scumbags who can’t be bothered to file mandated financial disclosures. This is disgusting, and little more than evidence of what the payoff was to get Espada voting with the Democrats again.

Albany is the root of all evil and stupidity in New York State.  What we need is a unicameral, nonpartisan, part-time legislature under the Nebraska model.

One Response to “New York State Senate Hires Pedro Espada”

  1. Colin Eager August 11, 2009 at 11:02 am #


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