The Fatal Flaw

11 Aug

The Fatal Flaw of Republicans is our lack of ideas. A law to make new Presidents show their birth certificate doesn’t count. It didn’t always used to be this way. The Congressional take over of 1994 was about the Contract with America; real ideas sold and delivered to the public. More on this in a moment.

The Fatal Flaw of Democrats is their inability to govern. And announcing new “transparency” rules you aren’t even following doesn’t count. Democrats “control” the White House and halls of Congress by a margin not seen since Jimmy Carter’s administration 30 years ago. If Bush ever had that kind of margin, we’d have privatized Social Security and permanent tax cuts too. Democrats have been whining for eight years about their inability to address healthcare, climate change, and education reform. Now that they have filibuster proof majorities, and can pass anything they want, what do we have? An aloof President full of grand visions but no grand idea on how to make legislation. A House majority leader who would rather make petty partisan digs than actual policy. A Senate Majority Leader who fails in his most basic job: getting 60 votes for the President’s policies. Blue Dog Democrats obstructing their own party’s agenda far more effectively than Republicans. A stalled cap and trade system and a forgotten plan to close Gitmo. And a liberal elite chattering class who has now proven they would rather complain than do the hard work of “Change”. It took 200 days for liberals to turn on Obama, and declare him not left enough. You won! Its time to put up or shut up. If your ideas are so much better, just pass your bills. But you can no longer complain that a Republican Congress or President are in your way. This echo chamber is so used to only complaining, they still blame everyone but themselves for their inability to govern.

With the Dem’s in disarray, now would be a good time for some Republican ideas. Unfortunately, we are still short in this department, and are spending our time in the political wilderness not regrouping, but turning crazy. Cobbling together enough fringe groups to get 20% of the electorate is not a plan. Yelling that Dem’s are destroying our country with their nothing of a healthcare bill is not a plan. We need some ideas.

So here are some (I can’t seem to embed the video – sorry), from Rep Issa (R-CA) and Rep Kingston (R-GA) on Bill Maher this week. This is the debate we should be having on healthcare (minus the play for laughs cheap shots from Bill).

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