Terranova vs. Fudoli

25 Oct

On Friday, a Supreme Court Judge ordered that Kathy Konst’s name be removed from the ballot for Erie County Legislator for the 5th District and that the name of the legislator who was appointed to replace her, Diane Terranova, be added. This means that Dino Fudoli, a conservative Republican who received the endorsement of the Glenn Beck Appreciation Club will have a race on November 3d.

But let me turn to the issue of the Konst-Collins conspiracy to all but guarantee Fudoli’s election.

Currently, the legislature operates on a 10 – 3 Democratic majority. By manufacturing a Fudoli win, that brings the number to 9 – 4, and Collins has to rely on one fewer race to get to that magical switch of 7 Reps, 6 Dems.

I don’t really know whether Collins and Konst conspired to help force a Fudoli win, but it sure looks that way from the outside. Collins appointed Konst to a 6-figure job in charge of environment and planning matters after the deadline to name a replacement had passed. Let’s just say that was no accident.

So, Terranova wanted to get on the ballot and have the privilege of running for re-election to a job she’s held for about two months. Everyone except the Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner and Party worked tirelessly to prevent Terranova’s name from replacing the happily ensconced Konst on November’s ballot.

There was an Independence Party lawyer from Albany, Ralph Lorigo representing the Conservative Party, Ralph Mohr as Republican BOE Commissioner, and Dino Fudoli’s campaign all came to court to keep Kathy Konst’s name on the ballot, even though she isn’t running. They all wanted Dino Fudoli to get a free ride into office. And they’re not satisfied with the Judge’s ruling.

John R. Drexelius, Fudoli’s attorney, said he and his client, the owner of a property development company, also are considering an appeal.

Drexelius? You mean Dale Volker’s counsel at the State Senate? The guy who went ballistic after Channel 2’s Scott Brown had the nerve to ask Dale Volker a tough question? Wow, that just screams “reform” and “transparency”, doesn’t it? What a joke.

Now, the law is the law, but the laws in this state are so heavily weighed in favor of the political bosses getting their way. Getting one’s name on a ballot is notoriously difficult and fraught with peril. When Konst left the race, replacing her with a Democrat who was ready, willing, and able to run that race should have been a no-brainer. It should have been a ministerial afterthought. Instead, it’s become a last-minute battle in court. That’s unacceptable.

I don’t really care enough about minor fusion parties to give a crap about their problems. The Fudoli campaign is all about reform and “tak[ing] your county back”. Reducing the size of the legislature, cutting legislative pay, eliminating the district offices are all low-hanging fruit of Republican candidates for county leg. Other than that, he’s in favor of great results (isn’t everybody?) and Chris Collins.

But going to court to prevent the voters of the 5th district from having a choice in November is, to me, fundamentally undemocratic and doesn’t at all jibe with the happy reform that Fudoli is selling. To anyone parroting the line that Chris Collins hasn’t set up his own political machine – a rather powerful one that talks a good game about reform but hardly delivers, and actively takes away people’s electoral choice wherever possible – is either ignorant or stupid.

Congratulations to Diane Terranova for getting her name on the ballot, and giving the people of the 5th from Lancaster to Sardinia a choice on November 3rd. And a big middle finger to everyone who actively tried to prevent that choice from happening.

7 Responses to “Terranova vs. Fudoli”

  1. K9 at 10:07 am #


    Yea choice! (I heard that republicans really have something against it)

  2. Adam K. at 11:22 am #

    Last I checked, there were still 15 people in the leg (Terranova, Iannello, Laughran, Reynolds, Mazur, Kozub, Kennedy, Miller-Williams, Grant, Whyte, Wroblewski, Rath, Walter, Mills and Marinelli) and it was 12-3 D, not 10-3.

  3. Adam K. at 11:28 am #

    What’s most ridiculous about this whole thing is that Fudoli is gonna win comfortably anyways. This seat was won by the Dems in the throw out the bums 2005 election, but it should be a very safe Republican seat. The Dems have a better shot of knocking off Rath or Mills than they would beating an incumbent here.

    This is the correct ruling. At least, taking Konst’s name off of the ballot is unquestionable. To keep her name on the ballot would violate the Hatch Act, which is a federal law, because she is a public servent. I do not know the law regarding replacement, but it was definitely correct to remove Konst.

  4. Steve at 12:07 pm #

    Pat pat pat…..some of these bumms got to be sore

  5. Ward at 8:36 am #

    I love how, in Punditland, Republican election wins are “manufactured”, or “a free ride”, or the result of a “conspiracy”.

  6. Hank at 10:40 am #

    In Lefty Land, Ward—Democrat wins are “Victories for the People”, and Republican wins are “Fraud”.

    Adam’s last thought is correct. Konst should have been removed from the ballot. That’s the law, and we’ve seen lately that trying to circumvent the laws does not help anyone. Like moving that 230 Billion out of the healthcare bill and trying to pass it as an off budget measure to do an end around “deficit neutral”.

    Don’t make much difference in Erie County anyway. For some reason, don’t matter which party has the CE and which has the majority, they always seem to find a way to fuck up and make things worse.


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    […] litigious. He hired Kathy Konst as part of a ploy to leave the (D) line unoccupied. Collins pick Dino Fudoli went to court to keep his Democratic opponent’s name off the ballot. Fundamentally undemocratic gamesmanship, and it should taint Collins and Fudoli in perpetuity. […]

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