Election 2009: The Interviews

26 Oct
Photo by skyliner2008 at Flickr.com

Photo by skyliner2008 at Flickr.com

In many of the contested legislative races, I have sent out a series of questions to the candidates. So far, I have heard back from Brian Wirth, Christina Bove, Bob Reynolds, and Michele Iannello. I have not yet heard from Lynne Dixon, Dino Fudoli, Kevin Hardwick, Shelly Schratz or Tom Loughran.

I had done a post last week soliciting your questions, but literally no one spoke up. A few of the questions used were suggested by my WNYMedia.net colleague, Brian Castner.

I don’t think that the legislature races ever get the attention they deserve. People treat these races like an afterthought, and candidates frequently get away with repeating platitudes and sound bites. I don’t want to hear “run government like a business” or “we only get to decide how to spend 12% of the budget”.

I’ll roll these out as they come in.

One Response to “Election 2009: The Interviews”

  1. Jenny October 26, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    Pundit, I would supply questions if I knew what the county legislature actually did.  I am being serious… what exactly do they do/provide to us, other than play keep away with whomever the current executive is?

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