Diane Terranova, Democratic Candidate for EC Leg 5

27 Oct

Diane Terranova has literally been on the ballot for about four days.  Her opponent, as well as the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Parties all worked in concert in an effort to keep her off the ballot and leave Kathy Konst on.  This would be convenient for the Republican challenger, since Kathy Konst is now in a very nice appointed position in the Rath Building.

Although I sent the full questionnaire form to her, it somewhat hamstrings a candidate when she has only 11 days to campaign, while her opponent has had all the time in the world, and then some.  So, she sent along a statement, reprinted here:

In order for legislators to concentrate more fully on their duties as elected official, instead of electioneering activities, voters should be able to elect legislators to four-year terms.  As part of this reform, legislators should be limited to serving three consecutive terms.

I would be in favor of reducing the legislature by two members.  The residents deserve to have their voices heard in county government and a reduction of more than to this, would impact the quality of representation and leadership.

Terranova’s official website is here.

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  1. Steve October 27, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    [Deleted. Go troll somewhere else, troll. – BP]

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