Nickel City Chef: Season Two

18 Dec

Season Two of Nickel City Chef is set to begin early next year, and they’ve doubled the number of episodes to eight. (from four to you who went to “government school”). The program is currently seeking applications from Challenging Chefs and Corporate Sponsors.

Here’s a recap of last season:


For those who just can’t wait for Season Two to begin, tickets for Feed Your Soul’s Nickel City Cake Challenge go on sale in early January. Nickel City Cake Challenge showcases the talents of local cake artists by asking three of them to complete the most imaginative and technically perfect themed cake in just two hours–before a live audience. Taking place on Saturday, February 13th, Nickel City Cake Challenge will feature Zilly Rosen from Zillycakes, Susan Spider from Pumpernick n’ Pastry Shops and Tony Concialdi from Panaro’s. In addition to the live cake challenge, guests of all ages will enjoy sipping hot cocoa from our custom hot chocolate bar and nibbling on sweets from our confectionery station. Applications for the amateur portion of the event are still available. For details visit

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