Is That Rain on My Leg?

9 Mar
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Here’s what Andrew Rudnick, head of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, has to say about a new PAC he’s helping to set up:

It’s not really a Democrat or Republican thing; it’s an upstate-downstate thing

That must be why this PAC is dedicated only to electing Republicans to the state Senate and little else. It also must be why the PAC has teamed up with similar chambers of commerce from such upstate locales as Long Island, Westchester County, and the mid-Hudson Valley.

Rudnick said the realities of one-party rule in Albany force the Partnership and other groups across upstate and the metropolitan suburbs to consider Republican candidates.

“The object is to turn enough of those contested races back to Republicans,” he said. “That’s because of where the majority party is at this moment and what they’ve done.”

He pointed to the last state budget and projections of continuing deficits as evidence that the Legislature — under complete Democratic rule for the first time since the 1930s — is ignoring upstate’s economic plight.

“If everyone is Democrat and downstate, we’re now screwed more than we have been,” he said. “We’re all about trying to change that.”

I know that everyone pines for the days of a Republican senate majority, when taxes were low, businesses unencumbered, population and economic growth were the rule, when Bruno was one of the three in a room, and great names like “Volker” had an infinitesimally larger volume of clout than they do now.

And that’s the point – that it doesn’t matter what party an Albany politician belongs to. It doesn’t matter which party controls the Governor’s Mansion or a particular legislative chamber. No matter what happens, money trumps all, and the vast majority of the population gets screwed. For an Andrew Rudnick to suggest that flipping the Senate so that Skelos is in the room with the next embattled ethical mess of a governor will make a stitch of difference is epically ridiculous.

After all, these are the people who gave us the facile and self-contradicting Unshackle Upstate.

At least we can laugh at it all. There’s a wonderful and hilarious postscript to this story.

State Sen. Antoine M. Thompson, D-Buffalo, who coordinates the campaign efforts of Western New York Senate Democrats, did not return a call seeking comment.

6 Responses to “Is That Rain on My Leg?”

  1. Pauldub at 10:18 pm #

    Has Rudnick and his merry band done anything worthwhile to merit the attention they get? Other than providing local pundits with tons of material of course.

    • Chris from OP at 9:44 am #

      …. And a reason to show photographs of a guy in a bowtie.  Those are money.

  2. Chris from OP at 12:01 pm #

    The problem isn’t that upstate legislators belong to one party or another.  I believe that it benefits any region to have voices in both caucuses.  The real problem is the “learned helplessness” [[]] of the upstate delegation– in particular Dale Volker, who has made a career out of doing nothing and then throwing up his hands and complaining about “those New York City people.”  It’s absurd that year after year these nobodies can get away with doing absolutely NOTHING and passing the buck.

    With the Senate hostage to the whims of every single legislator on every single bill, it’s ridiculous that the empty suits (of both parties) from Upstate (and especially WNY) have not put any single “upstate” issue on the Senate’s agenda.  Maybe it wouldn’t get past the house, but all that a Senator can do is be the best senator possible instead of doing nothing and pretending that he has no control over anything.

    • Starbuck at 8:45 pm #

      But is there really a big unifying set of “Upstate issue” positions?

      For example, Upstate unions (both public and private sector) might agree a lot more with their downstate counterparts than with Upstate business advocates. Same for Upstate environmentalist groups, Upstate advocates of social programs as they currently exist, and so on. Even the UB 2020 proposal has some local opposition. What specific changes do a broad consensus of Upstaters really care about that the legislature won’t change? Maybe there’s answers to that but I don’t know.

  3. rastamick at 12:04 am #

    Rudnick tried once to cut me off on Elmwood near City Hall. As my car was bigger I decided not to let him, he had a complete Driving While Tantrum in my rearview. Since then I cannot see the guy or hear his name without thinking of that infantile public showing. Carl Paladino had the Rudnick quote of the century I think it began A.R. and his merry band of gutless wonders…Anyway, Antoine Thompson is going to pull the state out of its malaise when we legalize the Ganje and his Jamaican connections kick in.


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