Scoundrelatory Tactics

16 Mar

The reason why you should vote Pundit for Best Buffalo Blogger in the annual Artvoice balloting goes beyond facts such as, e.g., I actually blog regularly; I keep my posts shorter so that regular people can read them during their busy day; I provide you with quality posts just about every day; other bloggers often merely pick up on points I’ve already made, and regurgitate them by using links primarily to prove how well-read and special they are.

No, the reason why you should vote Pundit for Best Buffalo Blogger has to do with the fact that Chris Smith has taken to mounting a vicious, false, and nasty negative campaign, trying to persuade people to vote for him by attacking me. That tactic, obviously, merely underscores the lack of merit behind his effort.

Vote Pundit: a Working Blog for a Working Western New York.

3 Responses to “Scoundrelatory Tactics”

  1. STEEL at 9:46 am #

    He says you don’t like Buffalo pizza which means there is something – off – about you. For this reason I can’t vote for you even though you are the incumbent.

  2. Jen14221 at 2:57 pm #

    Pundit likes Pizza Oven. That’s Lockport, which is sort of Buffalo.

  3. Jon Splett at 3:20 pm #

    I’m more concerned with your anti-Mighty Taco stance. Only a carpet bagger wouldn’t understand the taste explosion of awesome Mighty Taco provides to WNY’s palate.

    And as a native of downstate, we still don’t know where you stand on the all important pop vs. soda debate. Can we really call someone who uses the word ‘soda’ Buffalo’s best blogger? That’s like saying Pizza Hut has the best wings.

    I’m voting for Geek.

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