Chris Collins: Manager

25 Mar

The Collins Administration instituted a new set of rules a week or so ago, and STORYTIME goes over why it’s a really bad of legislative constituents and process.

I’d like to take a moment to send a quick reminder to all of you about the proper protocol for interaction between the Legislative and Executive branches of government. Any and all requests for information, meetings, etc., no matter the issue, must first come through the County Executive’s office.

If a Legislator or a Legislative Aide interacts directly with you or one of your employees, without first talking to someone in the County Executive’s office, do not move forward with any requests. Please respond, asking them to email or call Chris Grant or myself with their request. We will no longer be granting any meetings or requests for information if our office is not the first point of contact.

Chris Collins’ administration is masterful at lapdance remarks, demonizing the tax-sucking poors, and micromanaging bullshit.  Everything else, not so much.

Maybe some cultish Six Sigma exercise taught them that the leanest way for legislators to address constituent issues with the executive branch is to go through Collins’ office first.

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