Issa vs. Pigeon – PolitiFAIL Tourney 2010

25 Mar

Bashar Issa came to town,
the Statler was in trouble.
he’d fix it up, he’d fix it down,
he’d do it on the double.

His slicked-back hair! His powerboats!
The rubes all fell real hard.
British accent, fancy suits
He was the avant garde.

Big plans he had for Buffalo
the Statler! Then a tower!
But in the end, the work was slow
and Issa had no power.

Insolvent, Issa skipped this town,
his visa never cleared.
The savior ended up a clown,
Statler? Boarded up for years.

Machiavelli’s progeny, we know him as Steve Pigeon.
Although he fucks with lots of races, he only wins a smidgen.
He’s got a list of enemies that’s longer than your arm.
Lots of people fear him, and react with great alarm.

He plays with others’ money, and helped promote Espada.
To wrest from him IP control would take an intifada.
His legacy and record sure leave much to be desired.
But in New York, deals and money mean he can be acquired.

Steve Pigeon, friend of Hillary and others who have clout
is more feared than respected, of that I have no doubt.
The only ones who benefit when Pigeon gets to work,
Are those who every other person thinks a fucking jerk.


One Response to “Issa vs. Pigeon – PolitiFAIL Tourney 2010”

  1. Jenny March 25, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    Do you *really* have to be so mean to Machiavelli?

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