As An Aside

14 Apr

I enjoy being called a hypocrite by hypocrites. It energizes me.

One Response to “As An Aside”

  1. Hapklein April 14, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Not only the direct insults how can one live with the knowledge that the timing of the e-mail’s was planned? the exposure is not supposed to count as much as the source and the timing.

    This is all some kind ribaldry wherein the content of the e-mails is less important than the strategies of Paladino’s enemies. Quite a group there. Especially with a fragmented Tea Party.

    Does the Tea Party have a platform, yet? I notice aside from Palin’s assurance they will undo 200 years of government and eliminate taxes I have yet to see substance of what follows the revolution.

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