Changs and Engs

28 Apr

I wonder how many of the “mad as hell”, mostly local, Paladino supporters are the same people who usually moan about negative campaigning? Because the Paladino campaign sort of inexplicably released this weird Eng-and-Chang photo parody of Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Levy and Assembly Speaker and all-around-bad-guy Sheldon Silver:

The text accompanying the picture reads like this:

Democrat Steve Levy voted with Democratic Assembly Boss Sheldon Silver 98 percent of the time when he was in the New York State Assembly. He even contributed annually to Silver’s political slush fund. Democrat Steve Levy was endorsed for Suffolk County Executive four times by ACORN’s left wing Working Families Party. Levy actively supported Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. Levy solicited millions in campaign contributions from special interests, even though he was unopposed in his recent re-election. Now, Democrat Steve Levy tells us he wants to be the Republican candidate for Governor.


Do we really need to re-hash Paladino’s own embrace of Democratic politicians? At least Levy can argue that when he voted with the Democrats he was a Democrat and did so either based on principle or party discipline.

When Paladino donated thousands to Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, and the exact same Sheldon Silver “slush fund”, he did so out of political expediency.

Remember – Steve Levy donated a mere $650 to Silver’s political slush fund the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee. Carl Paladino and entities under his control donated about $450.

So under Paladino’s argument, maybe he’s just Sheldon Silver’s fraternal twin, rather than an identical or siamese.

Or maybe Levy’s campaign decides to be too cute for its own good and sends this out:

I’m also struck by the linkage between ACORN and the WFP. That is pure Glenn Beck retarded chalkboard paranoia. Attaboy, Carl. You go ahead and read Breitbart and regurgitate that as some sort of campaign strategy to move New York forward.

New York State Gubernatorial race 2010: an embarrassment all around. Seriously.

4 Responses to “Changs and Engs”

  1. al l April 28, 2010 at 8:21 am #

    Way to use a historic reference that no lay voter is going to catch, that is, unless Paladino running for the Whig Party nomination.

  2. bill April 28, 2010 at 8:39 am #

    I am generally an ACORN supporter, but I think it’s silly to criticize somebody for comparing them to the WFP. I don’t think there’s a city in NYS where they don’t share an office and a few staff- when I worked for the WFP in Buffalo in 2004, both orgs. shared the same receptionist, refrigerator, etc.

  3. Mike in WNY April 28, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    It was Paladino’s frustration, stemming from donating money to politicians who ultimately didn’t do the right things, that has led Carl to run.  That sounds to me like a much better plan than smearing people who challenge the status quo.

  4. mike April 28, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Using the strike through function  is a ____super-lame_____ lazy form of snarcasm.

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