Pedro Espada: All About the Public Service

28 Apr

The thing about embattled State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. is that he’s not so much a political leader as he is a petty mafia kingpin. I would have made a comparison to some small potatoes dictator, but really – petty dictator and mafia don? Six of one, half dozen of the other. He’s got the sense of self-importance, he’s got the personal empire, he’s got the third person self-referral, he’s got the self-entitlement, and he’s excellent at portraying himself as the victim.

He has no business anywhere near elected office, and when the hoped-for indictments come down, it would be quite handy if he’d be Monserrated right out of the state senate.

Here he is on WCBS’ “Eye on New York” enjoying what might reasonably described as a “bad interview“, culminating in his premature departure when asked one too many unfriendly questions, including about his real home in Mamaroneck which is nowhere near his senate district.



One Response to “Pedro Espada: All About the Public Service”

  1. Hapklein April 28, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Are creatures like Espada frightening. They obviously learn to use power and influene early on and the evil machinations soon become obvious even to the indifferent, especially the voters. But what of his peers in the Senate and New York city party affiliates. An awful lot of people have been aware of this man’s wild and reckless use of the government mechanisms to enrich himself. But he is like some sort of wild animal in the chicken coop raising havoc and destroying a system that was aimed at helping overcome problems.
    For this person to acquire those millions of dollars, develop those kingdoms of influence all th while living a lavish lifestyle requires the a lot of energy and visible wrongdoing yet at this end of the line after he has already achieved the mass of eveil the media and his peers appear shocked, shocked do you hear, that he has done what he has done.
    His crimes appear to be over a decade in developing. Where was everybody? Where was Spitzer and Cuomo?

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