Andrew Cuomo: Democratic Nominee for NY Governor

27 May

At its convention today, the New York State Democratic Committee nominated Attorney General Andrew Cuomo as its candidate for Governor. His nominated was seconded by Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, as well as a former New York City comptroller and a Suffolk County pol.

Cuomo began his remarks by stating that he is a proud Democrat, who believes that government can make lives better. He listed a pantheon of great 20th and 21st century Democrats, pledging to work for social justice and “returning integrity” to government.

Due to our “new economic reality”, Cuomo said that we need to make “government work again” through “balancing the budget without raising taxes”. “New Yorkers can’t afford a tax increase”, he said, adding that he will “make bureaucracy work better”, citing New York’s 1,000 agencies and 10,000 governments and special districts, using a rhythmic patter to list districts ending in, “justincaseyoumissedadistrict”.

He noted that the property tax burden is particularly acute in upstate New York, where property values are lower but take up a greater percentage of that value.

Cuomo stated that the “relationship between the people and their government” cannot be maintained “without trust”, and that the people of New York feel “betrayed”. He pledged to “clean up Albany…with deeds, not words”.

Calling education the “civil rights issue” of our era, Cuomo noted that some schools feature state of the art computers, while others feature state of the art “metal detectors”. He pledged to expand charter schools and make sure the state participates in the “Race to the Top” federal schools funding. He also restated his support for abortion rights, and pledged to bring about marriage equality.

Cuomo said he would bring about fundamental change in Albany by first unifying the Democrats, and then forming “honorable coalitions” with Republicans to get past Albany gridlock. Cuomo has released a 200+ page blueprint for change.

In a shot to the Republicans in general, and tea party in particular, Cuomo said that people in the state are “nervous” and “angry”, and that “activist groups” (using airquotes) would try to exploit that nervousness and pit people against each other; “black against white, rich against poor, upstate against downstate”. Cuomo stated that “we will not tolerate” that sort of division, and that we must be inclusive.

Video highlights to follow.

2 Responses to “Andrew Cuomo: Democratic Nominee for NY Governor”

  1. lefty May 27, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    If anyone, regardless of party, can lower or eliminate the burden from NYS agencies and bring about true charter schools, more power to them.

    Hell, I did not and will never vote for President Obama, but the Race to the Top program is fucking genius. You have states making HUGE reforms in schools before a penny is spent all for funds that amount to scraps in comparison to Federal funding of schools.

    I read on his site that he wants to reduce the number of agencies, authorities, commissions and the like by 20%. He wants to do this by the “State Government Reorganization Act” which would empower the Governor to eliminate, transfer and consolidate state agencies without further legislative approval.

    I found it funny that his plan to accomplish cuts in excessive commissions was to create a new commission but I digress. Why not lead with the State Government Reorganization Act? Why not focus on getting the power, which is going to be the biggest fight, and then focus on what you do with that power?

    Anyways, there are a lot of union jobs that would be effected in reducing the bureaucracy and a lot of teaching positions lost to charter schools. So how does he win by pissing off the unions?

    Is it hot air? I know there are lots of under qualified, overpaid and non-union folks at the top of both agencies and schools but 20% is still 20%.

    Question for Pundit and Geek? What are your thoughts on the State Government Reorganization Act? Any chance in hell it happens?

    In the last 20 years, a Republican has been Governor of NYS for 11. Does anyone think that either Senate or Assembly would give up that power?

  2. jesse May 27, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    While I appreciate what Prince Andrew has done with regards to the new downsizing law, I worry that we’ll just end up disappointed once again. To pick 3 examples off the top of my head, in order of importance:

    For instance: Charter schools is the answer? Really? Why not do the RIGHT thing and enact a simple 1:1 education tax credit and let US figure out how to best educate our kids? Race To The Top is pure political bullshit.

    Controlling costs by magically “Making Medicaid more efficient” sounds like political puffery to me.

    High speed rail nonsense might as well be accompanied by groups chanting “monorail, monorail!” It’s just economically DOA. Too bad bread and circuses politicos can’t tell (or maybe handle?) the truth about it.

    Well, the best I can say is, at least he ain’t all bad, and probably the best of the choices available to us.

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