The Republican Convention

2 Jun

Unfortunately, I was unable to traipse off to Manhattan to enjoy the goings-on at the state Republican convention, but that’s why we have Bob McCarthy, right? Here’s his take on what happened yesterday, and this paragraph stood out:

Levy faces a tough challenge, since party leaders, including Erie County Chairman Nicholas A. Langworthy, say they do not want to support a candidate who in the past has supported the likes of Silver, former Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer and Obama.

Langworthy is the chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee, which is the sole county committee to have endorsed Carl Paladino for Governor going into the convention. If ECGOP didn’t want to support someone who had previously supported Silver and Spitzer, (and while not Obama, he has given to Hillary Clinton), why did they support Carl Paladino?

While Democratic Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy hunts around for the nomination of a party to which he doesn’t yet belong, he talks tough, touting his credentials over Rick Lazio’s.

Here is the video that kicked off the state Republican convention:


Clearly that party’s state designees, such as comptroller candidate Harry Wilson, Senate candidate Gary Berntsen, and AG candidate Daniel Donovan will be running against a caricature of President Obama, whose stimulus law has quite literally kept New York State – run for decades by idiot Democrats and idiot Republicans alike – afloat this past year.

You may recall Ed “don’t call me Mr. Tricia Nixon” Cox touting the openness and non-backroom-dealness of the GOP convention in front of last week’s Democratic confab. In this case, “openness” is merely a euphemism for “dysfunctional clusterf*ck”. The Democratic convention took literally an entire afternoon to manufacture a roll call vote to enable all five AG candidates to appear on the September primary ballot without having to take the time and effort to petition. The four Republican gubernatorial candidates are trying to out-backroom-deal each other to guarantee a slot on that ballot and deny it to others. Seriously, neither side has clean hands when it comes to claiming it’s cleaner than the other, so they should each stop pretending. But here’s some funny video of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy showing off his Republican bona fides:


Finally, here’s a brief interview the Daily News’ Celeste Katz held with Buffalo’s own Carl Paladino. It seems a bit disingenuous for him to accuse others of being zebras trying to change their stripes, because “once a zebra, always a zebra” might apply to Mr. Paladino, as well. (Also, what’s with this talk of zebras?) Paladino thinks he has a shot, and that’s just special.


It will be fascinating to see whom the Republicans designate as their candidate today. (Image HT Marquil at

One Response to “The Republican Convention”

  1. Hapklein June 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    I think this entire campaign for Governor has the potential for a true Gilbert and Sullivan production. All we need is for the entire procedure to really dissemble and Spitzer to bounce out from the Wings as the Knight in ever so slightly tarnished armor to lead us to the Promised Land.

    I really had hopes that Cox could force Levy onto the multi-layered establishment so we could enjoy a true party divided even against a non-party candidate. Alas such hilarity is now denied. But I am sure Paladino will provide some comic relief, especially when he attempts to explain his financial support to Democrats to downstate Republicans. That is after he assures the same group he is one with them.

    Anyway it appears we have a multi faceted party oriented downstate running against a pretty unifying Democrat who evidently has to defend his role in Washington rather than Albany. Oh I wish Walt Kelly were still around to help chart us through this maze. The possibilities are endless.

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