Your Ideas: 4

23 Jun

Over the past forty years with the rise of the lowly chicken wing, Buffalo has contributed more than any other region to the growth of industrial poultry farming. This international agricultural behemoth wrings its profits out of unimaginable animal cruelty. Its byproducts are intense environmental pollution and increased antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. (Let’s not even get into the health impacts of America’s addiction to deep fried bar food.)

Having lent its name too this degrading trend, the City of Buffalo needs to reset the Karmic balance. The City should take the lead in encouraging small-scale urban agriculture, specifically, the more humane practice of small-flock backyard chicken raising. What to do with all the consequent chicken poop? It makes an excellent fertilizer for the carrot and celery crop grown by future inner-city vacant-lot gardeners. Make Buffalo a free-range chicken sanctuary.

Saranac Lake &
Kenmore, NY

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