Buffalo City Council Hearing Re: Daniel Derenda (UPDATED)

13 Jul

WNYMedia.net is streaming this live today via USTREAM.

A guy walked in a few minutes ago wearing a black t-shirt and holding a huge placard reading “Stop Police Corruption”. Derenda isn’t scheduled to speak until 3:15 4:00 at the earliest. Much of the criticism leveled against him has to do with the fact that the city promised, but evidently failed, to conduct a nationwide search for the police commissioner of the second-largest city in New York State.

Albany, on the other hand, performed just such a search, and even let the press write about the top nine candidates.

Compare and contrast.

UPDATE: Derenda begins his opening statement at around 4pm, going through his qualifications as commissioner. He is a HS graduate without a college degree, but claims that his police experience, together with his command experience, more than make up for that. Touts improving crime statistics in the City of Buffalo.

Derenda’s opening statement concludes with, “I am a city resident and have been; lifelong.”

Councilman Golombek is criticizing the Brown Administration for saying it would perform a nationwide search, but then not doing so. He also wonders why the mayor didn’t at least provide the qualifications of all of the interviewed candidates, even if the names themselves aren’t revealed. Olivia Licata, from the city’s HR department, states that there was a national search and 40 resumes were received and reviewed. That’s all the information she will provide. It was not until May 2010 that the nationwide search was begun, given the maximum 6 month deadline for an acting commissioner to serve, which began in December 2009. Golombek states that he will vote to confirm Derenda based on his qualifications, not on issues concerning the city’s search and transparency.

Mickey Kearns quizzes Derenda – how many servicepeople are in the BPD – the figure is 774, and Derenda breaks it down. 150 civilians work for the department. Derenda doesn’t know what the department’s budget is. Derenda created a BMHA housing unit for the BPD. From January – June 2010, there have been 27 homicides in the city of Buffalo, including one at a BMHA housing facility. Derenda likes two-man cars, and uses them to respond to hotspots. Supports precincts over districts, but recognizes that there are union issues.

I have to leave, and there are 7 additional councilmembers to go. Watch the WNYMedia.net feed on USTREAM.

5 Responses to “Buffalo City Council Hearing Re: Daniel Derenda (UPDATED)”

  1. lulu July 13, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    The T-shirt guy has been standing at attention on one of the overpasses above the 33 (the last one before the Goodell exit) for a few weeks now during my morning commute. It took me a few days and a few close calls before I could make out the words on his shirt, but I saw him about 10 times, so he is certainly passionate. Bet he has quite a story.

  2. Christopher Byrd July 13, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Guy in shirt is Ron Mondry…he owns rental property in Broadway-Fillmore…

    Here is a sample of what he leaves on BFA http://tinyurl.com/25oykvf

    He has been showing up at neighborhood events for the last few years with the shirt…I have talked to him…interesting character to say the least.

  3. Christopher Byrd July 13, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    Here is his myspace page…


  4. Betty Jean Grant July 13, 2010 at 10:39 pm #

    Ron Mondry can be found on most days @ the corner of Fillmore and East Ferry Street; right in front of the C District Police Station. There he is, everyday, with his Shirt on, demonstrating against an issue of police brutality he said happened to him some years ago in either South Buffalo or the Broadway/Clinton area. He is persistent, to say the least. I have talked to him many times and one thing he is and that is focused. He has been on that particular corner for at least two years. He also attends many community functions in the African American community. I think many of the local residents have more or less ‘adopted’ him as a man who literally stands for and by,his convictions.

  5. Chris Smith July 13, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

    “Golombek states that he will vote to confirm Derenda based on his qualifications, not on issues concerning the city’s search and transparency.”

    – this kind of pointless parsing and the unwillingness to make difficult decisions pretty much sums up the political career of Joseph Golombek.

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