Statler, Byron III, Coppola v. Ranzenhofer

3 Aug

1. Mark Croce, a local developer and restaurateur, has teamed up with James Eagan to bid $700,000 for the Statler Tower in the wake of the IssaFail follies. $200,000 for the building, and $500,000 to bring its taxes up to date. Croce’s efforts may be successful because he owns parking and parking-ready lots nearby.

2. Mayor Byron Brown’s son is in trouble again – this time, for hilariously shoplifting $60 worth of crap from AJ Wright in North Buffalo. Everyone remembers Byron III’s early-morning joyride through his neighborhood, which led to accusations, cover-ups, and confirmation through surveillance video. This time, the Mayor isn’t up to any similar shenanigans, and Byron III will probably end up with some sort of pre-trial probation.

3. The State Senate was called into special session last week to try to pass the now-1/3-year-late state budget. Because a handful of Senators were on vacation and didn’t show up, and because Bill Stachowski (SD-58) continues to hold things up over UB 2020, nothing happened. State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer (SD-60) complained that Paterson’s calling a special session displayed, “…just a tremendous disregard and disrespect for taxpayers cause you got to pay everybody to come up here – gas and all this other stuff.” Well, yes – in this circumstance, with the Senate being a bunch of rubber-stamp babies who do whatever Sampson or Skelos tell them to do, it was a waste of time. But if Senators actually do the work of legislators in a regular functioning democratic representative body, something could absolutely get done.

As Ranzenhofer’s opponent Marc Coppola put it in a recent press release,

New York Senator Mike Ranzenhofer’s comments on the state budget are nothing more than empty rhetoric. This week Ranzenhofer criticized members of the state legislature over the budget process, but failed to point out his own lack of accomplishment.

He and his colleagues provide a lot of criticism and offer little by way of solution. “There are 62 members in the New York State Senate and it only takes 32 to pass a bill. Even with 9 members absent the remaining 53 are more than enough to get something accomplished. The fact that nothing is getting done is due to Senators like Mike Ranzenhofer who would rather accomplish nothing so that they can play partisan blame games” said Coppola.

Ranzenhofer has also been missing in action when it comes to the battle to pass the UB 20/20 legislation. The University is the district’s largest employer and in desperate need of help. “I challenge the incumbent Senator to show some independence and work for the people who elected him, not his party leader. I challenge him to do something for his district and WNY” said Coppola. “New York State is in its most difficult financial crisis since the Great Depression. This is no time for partisan politics. It is a time for all members to act like adults and work together for the good of all New Yorkers.”

I think that’s exactly right. The Senate is impotent because Senators let it be.

3 Responses to “Statler, Byron III, Coppola v. Ranzenhofer”

  1. Bill Altreuter August 3, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    The last time Byron III was in trouble it was noteworthy because it looked like the Mayor was trying to cover it up. This time we are dealing with a 19 or 20 year old adult who seems to be engaging in some kind of weird attention-seeking behavior. It is painful to have to listen to the Mayor talk about something that is, as far as I can tell, a private family matter. For what it is worth, good for him for getting out in front of it this time. Now let’s all avert our gaze and let him deal with it outside the glare.

  2. Ward August 3, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    A few more busts and folks might start thinking that Byron III is growing up a punk, a la Leonard Stokes. God help him if he ventures over the line into Kenmore, out from under the Gibson-Direnda aegis.

  3. Hank August 3, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    Ahhhh, Kenmore. Back in the early 60’s, they wouldn’t let black kids swim in the Mang St. wading pool, or the larger one at Mang and Elmwood. It was well known back then if you were black, you didn’t let the “sun set on your ass” in the village limits, or the cops would remove them.

    It would be difficult for me to believe it’s like that now. But the Kenmore cops are some serious pricks, even out doing the Town of Tonawanda cops.

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