In the Race for Attorney General

24 Aug

The Erie County Democratic Committee is (unofficially) supporting Sean Coffey.

Mayor Byron Brown and Legislature Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams are supporting Eric Schneiderman.

Steve Pigeon and Congressman Brian Higgins are supporting Kathleen Rice.

Coffey and Pigeon have been doing some bickering, and people should remember that it’s good to bicker with Pedro Espada’s patronage hire.

Meanwhile, when the NY Post’s Fred Dicker asked Republican AG candidate Dan Donovan what he thought about Rick Lazio’s call to investigate the funding of the Park51 community center. Donovan’s reply,

You know, again I saw you on “Good Day New York” this morning on Channel 5, Fred. Great piece. And as you pointed out, no money’s been raised yet, so I don’t know what there is to investigate. But I have never had a discussion about the mosque situation with Mr. Lazio so I don’t know where — what he’s thinking in that area and why he’s calling upon the attorney general. He just never discussed it with me.

2 Responses to “In the Race for Attorney General”

  1. Ward August 24, 2010 at 12:10 pm #

    Since each of the Democrats running for AG has advocated investigating the source of Cordoba House funding (according to the Associated Press, I am not to call it the “Ground Zero Mosque”), I’m going to disagree with what Donovan’s position (according to Dicker).

    There indeed has been money raised yet. The property was purchased for cash–a little over four million dollars. (Although, thanks to the “manmade disaster” on 9/11/2001, the purchase price was reduced by the roof damage caused by the landing gear of one of the airliners.)


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    […] The other day, I wrote that ECDC was unofficially supporting Sean Coffey for AG. I have since been informed that th…. […]

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