If You Take a Photo of Riccardo McCray, You Steal His Soul

27 Aug

It’s the last weekend in August, so I’m going to blog lightly over the next week or so.

With respect to the poll yesterday, here’s how it shook out:

Of those who clicked “other”, here were the responses:

Joe Illoser
darnell jackson
Channel 2’s Jodi Johnston
Commander Tom
A naked Melissa Holmes ( :
Paris Hilton
Johnny Walker Green
Buffalo Pundit
don esmonde – but he’d decline, too scary…
Ginger Geoffery
Ginger Geoffery
The Police
Channel 2’s Jodi Johnston.
a lawyer
MAry Kunz Goldman – and what is WECK?
Jodi Johnston
Lady Gaga
Maria Genero
Channel 7’s Mike Randall
Linda Pellegrini
unhh, the cops?
Jodi Johnston
My Lawyer
alan bedenko
my attorney
Jodi Johnston
Joe Major
Dave McKinley
Diane Sawyer
Liz Benjamin
Melissa Holmes
Carl Paladino
Stever Tasker
WIVB weather guru, Don Paul (‘cuz he cracks me up)
Pope Don Paul
Kevin Jolly
Fareed Zakaria
Rev. Al Sharpton
Newell Nussbaumer at Buffalo Rising
Buffalo Rising…Maybe it will force them to write about something meaninful…
WBEN’s Susan Rose
Sara Serafin
shredd and regan
Channel 4’s Tricia Cruz
Commander Tom

In the meantime, read this piece by Glenn Greenwald, and note that Carl Paladino so despises the dysfunctional, corrupt, and otherwise nasty political class in Albany that he’s cozying up to asshole extraordinaire and friend of Espada, Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.

Happy Weekend!

3 Responses to “If You Take a Photo of Riccardo McCray, You Steal His Soul”

  1. Tom Dolina August 27, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    If I;m not mistaken, Commander Tom was promoted to Admiral when Mike Randall had briefly taken the reigns at Rocketship 7, much like Captain Kirk was promoted when the first Star Trek movies came out..

  2. sconnors August 27, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    Who thinks Don Paul is funny… maybe funny like a guy with a crooked mustache offering candy to 6 year olds. And why the fuck can’t channel 4 get their shit together? They know they go to DP at the same time every day…. TURN HIS MIC ON! 

  3. King James August 28, 2010 at 12:40 am #

    Don Paul likes to sit in the basement at Channel 4 with a loaf of Wonder Bread and eat it while he watches “Hollywood Squares” on tape delay. HA!

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