Primary Night Live Coverage

14 Sep

Tonight at 8PM we’ll be covering Primary Night in New York from the WECK1230-AM studios in beautiful, historic, downtown Cheektowaga.  Nick Mendola will be the host and Brian Castner, Alan Bedenko and Chris Smith will ride shotgun.  We’ll also have in studio visits from Tom Schuh of WECK Radio, Geoff Kelly of Artvoice and Erie County Legislator Ray Walter.

The main races of interest are:

NY Gov – Paladino/Lazio

SD-60 – Thompson/Allen/Coppolla

SD-59 – Domagalski/Gallivan/DiPietro

SD-58 – Kennedy/Stachowski/Kuzma

A-144 – Golombek/Hoyt

We’ll touch on the other primary races in brief:

Attorney General – Rice/Schneiderman/Dinallo/Coffey/Brodsky

A-146 – Kozub/Amodeo/Rybczynski

Ellicott Council – Haynes/Pridgen/McIntyre

Listen to the stream by clicking HERE.

We’ll have a live chat here on the website, we’ll stream video from the radio studio and we’ll post clips later for downloading.  Should be a fun night featuring political analysis, beer and live interviews with candidates and campaign insiders.  Scheduled to call in are reps from the Lazio and Paladino campaigns, Sam Hoyt, Brian Higgins, Rory Allen, Mike Amodeo and hopefully Ray Walter can deliver us some local Republicans.

Don’t watch the rickety Joe Crangle or the usually misinformed Joel Giambra on TV tonight, watch us instead!  Have a beer, join in and our money back guaranteed promise that we won’t suck.


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