Vote, Then Listen to & Watch Our Primary Night Programming

14 Sep

When I was a kid, in March 1982, I went to Yugoslavia over spring break and they were smack in the middle of election season. Back then, under communism, the “elections” were held on Sundays and attendance was compulsory, to show that the regime had the unanimous consent of the proletarian masses. Naturally, there was only one list of candidates, and voters got to vote “yes” or “no”. Miraculously, the slate of candidates from the League of Communists of Yugoslavia won with 99.9% of the vote. Every time.

That’s how a totalitarian dictatorship does things, and unfortunately there are still a bunch of them around the world.

We’re lucky. We get to choose our winners and, ultimately, the direction of our future. Unfortunately, because party loyalty runs almost irrationally deep in WNY, oftentimes primary races are the only races that matter. So, even though primaries are little-discussed and their elections poorly attended, it’s as important as showing up in November. If you’re a Democrat – no matter where in New York you live – you have an Attorney General’s race to decide. If you’re a Republican – no matter where in New York you live – you have a Gubernatorial race to decide. If you’re a member of the Independence Party or Conservative Party, then you’re probably already a prime voter and know to show up. Unless you’re one of those people who is enrolled in the IP because you think it means you’re independent & unenrolled.

Polls in Erie County are open from 6am – 9pm; 12pm – 9pm in other counties. Please show up and make your voice heard.

As for us at, we’ll be doing an election night show live from WECK studios from 8pm – 11pm. Our show will be hosted by Nick Mendola, featuring me, Chris Smith, Marc Odien, Brian Castner, and Geoff Kelly. Thanks to the WECK board, we’ll be able to feature phone calls from candidates, and maybe calls from listeners/viewers. But please note – because there’s a Yankee game on tonight, our audio will only be heard on the online stream, and we’ll be poaching WECK’s stream, as well. That means those of you who use programs like Pocket Tunes or similar to listen to audio streams on your smartphone will be able to easily listen to our stream on the go – you won’t be tethered to a computer. We’ll also run a video stream on the site here.

If you’re a candidate and want to participate in the show, please shoot me an email. Ditto if you’re on the inside and want to shoot us a tip.

See you tonight.

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