Meet Cynthia Appleton #SD59 #NYSenate

28 Sep

Now that Jim Domagalski, Pat Gallivan, and David DiPietro will all be battling to split the right-of-center vote three ways in Volker’s SD-59, Wyoming County nurse Cynthia Appleton is uniquely positioned to give the Dems a pick-up in the state senate.

Meet Cynthia Appleton.


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3 Responses to “Meet Cynthia Appleton #SD59 #NYSenate”

  1. Chris Charvella September 28, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    Th best part about this is that Cindy is not simply a placeholder candidate; she’s ready to do the job on day one and I know she’ll make the 59th SD proud.

  2. Ward October 2, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

    Good for you Dems.
    Even though Domagalski is now out, DiPietro and Gallivan may split the Repub vote, allowing a Dem pickup in the Senate.
    Which is great because the Dems have done so very well for NYS over the past two years since they got total control in Albany.


  1. Buffalo News Vendetta Against DiPietro Continues | Political Class Dismissed - October 16, 2010

    […] got their attention? Old private emails fed to them by a liberal Democratic activist–and supporter of Dave’s opponent–about Barack Obama‚Äôs religious views. ?? What does that have to do with the state senate? […]

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