Paladino Powned!

15 Oct

Alright, I’m a little exhausted from all the Paladino related posts around here as well, but I just had to share another.  As you may have noticed, traffic here has been ridiculously high over the past three days with millions of hits per day.  It’s been overwhelming.  Links from literally tens of thousands of websites, blogs, facebook and twitter profiles have brought us hundreds of thousands of new readers.

There is one website which has been following the Paladino story with fervor and it is a Dutch news website called Powned! They sent over 15,000 readers to our site yesterday.  I checked it out and the story looks like this (click for bigger version):

It all seems more dark and sinister when the story is written in Dutch.  Also, Paladino “IK BEEN GEEN HOMOHATER”  Win!

Here it is after using Google’s handy Translate feature (again, click to embiggen):

Paladino, “avid lover of porn”.

Man, I wish we weren’t so damned irrelevant!

One Response to “Paladino Powned!”

  1. Ethan October 16, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    Klopt dat! Nice to get some love from the Dutch, all because you heeft gepubliceered those lovely emails!

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