Paladino Getting Right On Those Issues

22 Oct

Remember how Paladino left the “Cuomo slept around” and the “anti-gay hysteria” behind in an effort to focus on issues?

Paladino’s camp released three items yesterday.  The first rehashes old half-truths about Cuomo’s tenure at HUD, and the second makes extremely tenuous, Beckian blackboard-like connections between Cuomo and a bank in the UAE in order to accuse Cuomo of doing business with terrorists.  Oh, and Paladino’s camp had a temper tantrum over reporters looking into the candidate’s dog’s breed.

I did not see any press releases or chatter from Paladino about specific ideas he has to cut taxes, cut spending, abolish authorities, or bring reform to the state legislatures.

“Issues”, indeed.

(Cuomo’s campaign responded thusly):

Carl Paladino’s imploding campaign has turned rabidly slanderous and negative in an attempt to do anything to revive his campaign. This is not surprising given that his campaign, known for its thugishness, is being run by individuals who care little about obeying the law and who lie regularly.

Also, now that Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is 2 Damn High Party has gained international notoriety thanks to his catchy participation in this week’s gubernatorial debate, Paladino is reportedly regretting his decision to insist on 7-way debates, and is goading Cuomo into a one-on-one debate.

But is he really regretting anything? I don’t think this is an accident; I think the whole thing is calculated.  I think that all along Paladino figured he would goad Cuomo into a 7-way debate, then whine about how bad the format was, and then goad Cuomo into a two-man debate.

Remember, this is what Michael Caputo, Carl’s campaign manager, wrote on October 2nd:

Andrew Cuomo’s surrogates call Carl Paladino racist, but it’s Andrew who seeks to exclude the only black candidate from debates.

Andrew Cuomo holds himself out as an advocate for women’s issues, yet it is Andrew who seeks to exclude the only woman candidate from debates.

If Andrew Cuomo doesn’t have the courage to debate all his opponents, how can he take on the special interests that are destroying New York?

And the candidate himself said this during the 5:13 3-minute ad:

No. This campaign must be about bigger issues – not affairs or divorces.  Because our state is in a death-spiral…Andrew, stop the political posturing and Albany games.  Come out and debate all the candidates. Why do you wanna exclude the only African-American candidate [sic], and the only woman candidate, and the Green Party candidate? I just don’t understand. Come out and debate like a man.

Well, Cuomo signed right up for the 7-person debate, and debated “like a man”.  Now, Carl is whining like a 3 year-old who lost his lolly. All goes further to prove that Paladino’s is the most toddleresque campaign in New York history.

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