Endorsements By The People

30 Oct

We’re busy at work on our annual political endorsements that will be published on Monday.

However, we think it would be interesting to hear who the readers, commenters, lurkers, advocates and activists endorse in individual races.  I don’t want this to be a debate amongst our commenters, I want this to be a way for you to tell us why you’re voting for your candidates of choice.  There are a lot of races this year and we’d like to give everyone an opportunity to be heard.  Has your candidate been overlooked, ignored, or maligned?  Tell us how and why.

Tell us who you’re voting for and why or just give us the best closing argument for a candidate you support.

Governor: Andrew Cuomo, Carl Paladino, Howie Hawkins, Warren Redlich, Jimmy McMillan, Charles Barron, Kristin Davis

Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman, Dan Donovan

New York State Comptroller: Tom DiNapoli, Harry Wilson

United States Senate: Kirsten Gillibrand, Joe DioGuardi

United States Senate: Jay Townsend, Chuck Schumer

US Congress, NY-26:  Chris Lee, Phil Fedele

US Congress, NY-27: Brian Higgins, Lenny Roberto

US Congress, NY-28: Louise Slaughter, Dr. Jill Rowland

New York State Supreme Court, Eighth Judicial District (Vote For 5): Kevin Dillon, Eugene Fahey, Hank Nowak, Catherine Nugent-Panepinto, Mark Montour, Deborah Chimes, Mark Rodgers, Cheryl Green, Paul Wojtaszek, Jeff Voelkl

NY State Senate 58:  Jack Quinn, Tim Kennedy, Bill Stachowski

NY State Senate 59: Patrick Gallivan, Cynthia Appleton, Dave DiPietro

NY State Senate 60: Antoine Thompson, Mark Grisanti

NY State Senate 61:  Marc Coppola, Mike Ranzenhofer

NY Assembly 140: Robin Schimminger, Kevin Stocker

NY Assembly 143: Dennis Gabryszak, Patrick Mandia

NY Assembly 144 – Sam Hoyt, Brian Biggie

NY Assembly 146: Brad Rybczynski, Kevin Smardz

Erie County Clerk: Kathy HochulCliff Bergfeld

There are also some local and town races of note, but I’d rather you tell us which ones you care about.

Finally, Alan Bedenko and Chris Smith will be hosting election night covergae on WECK 1230 AM with the always awesome Brad Riter.  We’re starting up just as the polls close at 9PM and going until the final tallies are in for the night.  We’ll have a TON of interviews, guests and a whole lot of fun.  Tune in and give us a listen for live election returns and snarky analysis.

18 Responses to “Endorsements By The People”

  1. Brian Wood October 30, 2010 at 5:24 am #

    All races: if there’s a Green or Working Families candidate, I’ll vote it. Betwixt and between Republicrats, man!! Republicans are downright evil, and Dems are enablers. Gillibrand has tacked left since her appointment. That’s good. Schumer has downplayed his previous nickname, “Senator Wall Street,” but I’m still pissed at bailing the banks. Higgins does good things for the area, but the S.O.B. voted for Bush’s wars (or at least to fund them, having not been in congress for the “declarations).

    Paladino=snerk!! Since Cuomo’s a walkover, I might vote for the guy with the fuzzy balls on his chin. Antoine Thompson is the stupidest politician I EVER heard of, but I’m only 66 years old, and he’s cool with LGBT issues and abortion. Sam Hoyt’s a round-the-block neighbor and charming and brighter than you might think.

    I’m a registered Dem, but I’m awfully disappointed with our stable of donkeys.

  2. Bruce Beyer (member WNY Peace Center) October 30, 2010 at 8:46 am #

    I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Either way I vote I loose. So here I sit contemplating the candidates for 60th Senate seat, Grisanti vs. Thompson. As I wrestle with the pros (very few) and the cons (many) I came to the conclusion that I had only one possible choice…………vote NO!

  3. BobbyCat October 30, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    Who do you have to fuck to get rid of Len Lenihan, Commisarzs Ward and Mohr, and catapult Brother Antoine to Mars where he can’t do any harm? I’m also a Dem and “disappointed with our stable of donkeys”. I would retire Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Quinn both.. I would vote whole-heartedly for anyone on the “I Don’t Take Any Fucking Orders” party and anyone who has a modicum of character, lots and lots of integrity and a barrel of progressive ideas and outspoken enough to voice them – especially when it comes to this new posse of idiots, nitwits and bigots who give intelligence a bad name. “Revenge of The Moron’s” might make for a funny movie, but in reality it makes for a societal disaster. Vote for honesty and independence and intelligence.

  4. Jack O'Lantern October 30, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Coppola is running an interesting race against Ranzenhofer, albeit a little underfunded. Coppola is advocating an abolition of fusion voting and is open to a unicameral legislature. Ranzenhofer keeps getting re-elected to office without a single notable accomplishment on his record. I’d like to see an upset victory in this race and see Coppola back in office.

    I’m not a Republican, but I like Harry Wilson for Compltroller, primarily because the way DiNapoli got the appointment to the office after the Hevesi scandal still bothers me.

    Also, I like Kathy Hochul for County Clerk. I mean, is there an elected official in WNY who seems to do a better job than her? She takes her job seriously, stays apolitical, and has made drastic improvements in the DMV and county clerk office. She’s the one actually running government like a business.

  5. Tom McMahon October 30, 2010 at 10:01 am #

    I’m voting for Grisanti even though I’m a Democrat. Antoine’s incompetent and loathsome. Too bad Rory Allen didn’t have enough money or a big enough GOTV operation to beat him in the primary. As a progressive, it hurts to pull a lever for a Republican, but we have to hold incompetence and corruption to account in our party if we’re to have credibility when we call it out in the Republican Party.

    I’m voting for Gillibrand as I think there isn’t a candidate in NY who better reflects my values and positions. She’s a sharp young senator with progressive ideals and I think there are big things ahead of her as she establishes her identity.

    I’m also voting for Sam as he has really come into his own these last few years as a real leader. I’d love to see do-nothing Robin Schimminger sent home, but the guy running against him is a doofus who runs for office (unsuccessfully) every year.

  6. Brian Wood October 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    DiNapoli’s appointment wasn’t his fault, and he’s done a decent job.

  7. Bill Martin October 30, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    Cuomo has my vote, I’ve actually read his proposals and I like them, Paladino is a joke of a candidate. I also like Jack Quinn, he seems like a serious guy and Kennedy has been a dirty player in local politics for years.

    On the judicial front, I’m voting for those who are already sitting judges. Dillon, Fahey, Nowak, Montour, Chimes.

  8. Adama D. Brown October 31, 2010 at 12:45 am #

    It’s easy for me: in my area we only have one local race of importance, and I’m voting for Cindy Appleton for the 59th Senate District. She’s the only person on the ballot who actually has a realistic plan for how to work with others in order to make state government functional again.

    On the judicial front, I’m very fond of Catherine Nugent-Panepinto, who’s been all over hell in WNY introducing herself to people, and who has the support of some people like Sean Cooney I like and respect.

    For the folks in Erie: Personally I have my issues with Kennedy’s associations and actions in the EC Leg, but Quinn’s record is just as bad or worse in terms of playing footsie with Steve Pigeon.

  9. Samantha October 31, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    Howie Hawkins for governor.  I will be voting third party in a number of other races as well. I’m sick of the corruption in the Democratic party, but not sick enough to vote for fascist, right-wing ideologues who still buy into nonsense like the Laffer Curve and think the salvation to our economic woes is to kick people when they’re down.

  10. peteherr October 31, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    Here’s my thoughts on the four major races of interest to me:


    I inadvertantly left out Higgins/Roberto, mostly because it never crossed my mind as I think Brian Higgins will win pretty handily.

  11. Andy October 31, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    Quoting: “Also, I like Kathy Hochul for County Clerk. I mean, is there an elected official in WNY who seems to do a better job than her?”

    Yes, there is one, although it’s a photo finish. His name is Brian Higgins. 

  12. Mary L November 1, 2010 at 12:59 am #

    “I also like Jack Quinn, he seems like a serious guy and Kennedy has been a dirty player in local politics for years.”

    If Tim Kennedy is dirty, Jack Quinn is ten times as dirty. Jack Quinn has been lining his pockets with taxpayer money before he was elected to the NYS Assembly in 2004. C’mon, the guy was practically RAISED on taxpayer money – his father never held a real private sector job for most of his adult life (public school teacher, town board member, town supervisor, congressman, ecc political appointed president). People need to look at Quinn’s financials. A guy this beholden in to the ruling establishment ain’t never going to be serious about changing the political dynamics of New York.

  13. Gabe November 1, 2010 at 3:44 am #

    Click my name to see my totally shallow endorsements.

  14. Danielle November 1, 2010 at 8:44 am #

    Schumer, Gillibrand and Appleton are no-brainers.

    I wish I was more confident in a Cuomo landslide, because I would like to vote for Kristin Davis, but I’m going to vote Cuomo because Paladino is just that bat-shit crazy I won’t take a chance.

    Chris Lee’s office actually helped us with an IRS nightmare. They respected my marriage, which is more then most Republicans would do. It’s hard to vote against someone who went to bat for you personally. 

    Gabryszak is a no on Marriage Equality, but a yes on GENDA, which is more important to me personally. I’ve personally discussed the issue with Dennis – he does believe in Marriage Equality, but doesn’t think the constituency here in Lancaster is willing to support it. If enough of his constituents let him know they wand him to vote for it, he might swing. I know next to nothing about Mandia, his website doesn’t explicitly state his position on LGBT issues – and the phrase pro-family leaves me scratching my head… are you pro- My Family? His lack of a stance forces me to default to the candidate I know might be able to be swung.

    I don’t get to vote in the other ones, but I would write in Rory Allen in 60 and reluctantly vote Kennedy in 58 (and not just because I went to high school with both of them.) I’m not thrilled with Kennedy’s recent tomfoolery in the EC legislature, and I can’t reconcile myself to his anti-choice position, but he’s better then Quinn or Stachowski.

    We had Ranzenhoffer’s aid in tears when we lobbied him for marriage equality, too bad he still voted no – Mark Coppola in 61.

    Having formerly lived in Tonawanda, I loathe Schimminger for voting against GENDA, but I don’t see Stocker as an improvement. Pull the lever for your favorite third party!

    I’m pro-Sam. He’s an amazing guy. He’s not just a yes vote for LGBT issues, he’s a vocal advocate. He’s exactly what we need.

    Slaughter and Higgins round out my picks.

  15. Louis Sullivan November 1, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    Assembly: Hoyt. NOT Golombek who came a cross as a gigantic cryBaby Huey in the debate, nor pro-fracking Biggie (is that his real name or his hip-hop name–?).

    Gov: Cuomo (but I won’t tell you which one)

    State Comptroller: DiNapoli (Wilson is a Prick)

    Attorney General: Schneiderman who was only half-heartedly endorsed by Byron Brown after he rejected Brown’s shakedown demand for influence in the WNY AG office.

    City Senate District–north: Grisanti (Thompson must go, regardless of cost)

    City Senate District–south: Quinn. I can’t stand the idea of that opportunistic little Pigeon-shit Kennedy going to the Senate to represent me, after selling out his city district on the County Leg. I know Bill Clinton apparently thought Quinn’s father was running and hates him, and I admit to not knowing Quinn’s record really well. But someone like Kennedy, who would sell out his city constituents to caucus with the Collins faction, in exchange for promises of electoral lines and campaign cash, isn’t fit to go to a legislative body sorely in need of reform, and doesn’t deserve a stepping stone to even higher office. In his thirties, he’s still a kid and clearly needs to grow up. Also, have you seen his latest mail piece attacking Bill Stachowski (with a limbo theme, saying “how low can you go, Bill”)–? In my view, it’s a gratuitous, unnecessary, dishonest attack on a public servant who’s now on his way out. It makes me want to personally smack Kennedy. You should do a post on the mail piece — it’ll get people riled up. PLEASE don’t endorse Tim “Mmm…Reform Tastes Like Pigeon” Kennedy.

    State Senate: Republican takeback (I think Senate control ought to be considered a “race”, with an endorsement). I had been so optimistic about the Dem. takeover of the Senate and pledges to reform, then I witnessed first hand what a joke that was. And of course, that was even before the Pigeon Coup, AEG, and the power sweep.

    Judicial, NY: Fahey, Dillon, Montour, Nugent-Panepinto, Nowak. If Cheryl Green is elected, I’m slitting my wrists, jumping over the Falls, and (if I survive) swimming to Canada never to return. The ONLY thing that gives me pause about supporting Nowak is that we DESPERATELY need him at housing court. But he’s a GREAT guy and well-deserves to advance up the judicial ladder if he so seeks.

    Judicial, Erie County: a dilemma. I was leaning toward Case, but after the attack ads on McLeod I’m leaning away from him and back toward McLeod.

    Dogcatcher: Carl Paladino

  16. Arthur Welser November 2, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    I don’t care what the issues are, I want a State Senator that I know with much more assurance then a Senators say so that he or she doesn’t have a conflict of interest and will represent NYS to the best to their abilities and not the best interests of their Law Firm, clients or fellow NYS Bar members.

    It amazes me attorneys are allowed to practice law while serving in the NYS Senate and Assembly and I for one will never again vote for an attorney that isn’t willing to discontinue the practice of NYS Law while they serve in office.

    These attorneys are little more than lobbyists and it is you and I that are paying their $80,000 plus salaries.


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