Obama’s Weekly Address

6 Nov

President Obama addresses the issue of the expiring Bush Tax Cuts in his weekly address.


BTW, if you’re wondering what Obama is doing in India this week, he’s sealing up about $10 Billion in trade deals with the Indian government which will support an estimated 54,000 jobs back in the United States.  And, no, the trip didn’t cost $200MM per day…it costs less than that to run the entire war in Afghanistan each day.

In fact, the $200 million-per-day figure would, according to factcheck.org, be higher than the daily cost of the entire Afghanistan war, which the Congressional Research Service puts at about $190 million per day.

Smarten up, dummies.

3 Responses to “Obama’s Weekly Address”

  1. BobbyCat November 7, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    (Forgive me if my comment is off the subject)

    It’s annoying to me that some bloggers won’t accept comments. Mr. Pergament NEVER accepts comment. I blame Buffalo TV News departments for serving up fluff instead of investigations while this region disintegrated. Instead of hammering the TV News for their inattention, Pergament looked the other way. And still is. Is there no one to hold the media’s feet to the fire?

    Friday I tried to post a rebuttal of Christinna Abt’s “Open Letter to Mr Cuomo”, but it never appeared. She claims that Cuomo gives no specifics on solving problems, only rhetoric. Has she not seen the four policy BOOKS that Cuomo authored, full of specifics?

    These bloggers (and others) need to find the courage to accept divergent opinions.

  2. BobbyCat November 8, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    Chris, My comment appeared four days after I posted it, it wan’t a “few minutes”. And Mr. Pergament has NEVER posted any comment by any reader. Local TV needs to be responsive to criticism but there is no place for viewers to express themselves. Pergament is afraid to criticize the local media. Where can viewers give their opinions?

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