Hassan’s Complaints: Hollow

18 Nov

I know that the Erie County jails have a bad reputation right now for poor treatment of inmates, and that the federal government is looking into it.

But when a genuine lunatic – who admits to beheading his wife – complains about being treated badly by sheriff’s deputies, I have a hard time believing a word of it.  There is no way they would do anything actionable against such an infamous inmate.

All Hassan is doing is minimizing the real bad experiences complained about by inmates with lower profiles than his.

2 Responses to “Hassan’s Complaints: Hollow”

  1. Hank November 18, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    I have had the dubious honor of booking several high profile inmates, including Bruce Smith, “Sweet Pea” Whittaker the boxer, and the moron that shot up the abortion clinic in MA where he killed a few people, and nearly shot up the one in Norfolk, as well as a Norfolk State university student who gave birth in her dorm room, and threw the live child in a dumpster. Folks like that get a certain level of treatment that insures there will be no repercussions coming back on the Sheriff or the Department. Any force necessary is measured, and videotaped for the protection of all concerned.

    As for this particular member of the “Religion of Peace”, he should probably be buried under the jail and forgotten about. But he has the right of due process. In his case, “give him a fair trial, then hang him”. Rest assured that allegations of mistreatment of inmates are probably real. The circumstances that brought that mistreatment upon the inmates are probably not known. While correctional officers are still recruited from the ranks of the human race, this is likely to happen. It’s the sheriff’s responsibility to keep any mistreatment of wards of the county/state to an absolute minimum. That’s not been happening at the ECHC for quite some time, from what I’ve read.
    Since this guy has admitted to what he’s done, even if he invokes Sharia for his justification defense, I see him going to prison. I don’t see him getting through his sentence without a few stab wounds, if he lives through it at all.

  2. Ward November 18, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    Mr. All Hassan sounds as if he’s reading from the Gitmo inmate’s gripe handbook, and far less convincingly than Pundit reads from the My View column..

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