The Mo Show: Day Seven

28 Jan

Yesterday, Mo Hassan took the stand to try and get over 1,000 pieces of paper admitted into evidence, and to tell the jury his life story. As part of his life story, he went to great pains to justify having murdered his wife.

After all, she wanted a boat and they argued about it.
After all, she wanted to fly to Pakistan and they argued about it.
After all, she wanted a horse and they argued about it.

It got so bad, Hassan testified, that he sought out the help of a self-help author who wrote a book about “Verbally Abusive Relationships”. Of course, there was little to no corroboration of the things about which Hassan was testifying. By contrast, Hassan’s own physical and psychological abuse towards his murdered wife have been recounted by several witnesses and corroborating evidence.

What Hassan spent the entire day doing has been to establish grounds for divorce. He has not, however, established a battered spouse/self defense justification for homicide. He hasn’t established that his only way out of his supposed torment was to behead the mother of his youngest children.

For Hassan’s strategy for acquittal to succeed, he has to introduce expert evidence that he has been diagnosed with battered spouse syndrome. No such evidence exist, no expert is willing to testify for him, and he is foreclosed from subpoenaing an expert to do so.

He’d never succeed.  There’s no evidence of multiple physical beatings by Aasiya, there’s no helplessness on the part of this man, no cycle of violence that Aasiya caused.  The only psychological exercise at play is Mo Hassan projecting his own behavior onto his murder victim.

But what’s telling is his demeanor. Battered spouses feel terrible remorse for what they’ve done – the abuse led them to a complete void of self-assurance that they think the only way to stop the beatings is to kill their assailant.

If Aasiya was beating Hassan, and he sees himself as a battered spouse, how precisely does he explain the fact that it was she who was trying so desperately to escape their marriage?  He had his out – his escape was that she was leaving him.

There is, therefore, an utter failure of logic in this defense.

(Information thanks to the Buffalo News live blog, linked to above, and the #Hassan Twitter feed).

5 Responses to “The Mo Show: Day Seven”

  1. DJ at 11:30 am #

    I really don’t get all the fascination with this guy and this trial.

  2. BrianS at 1:23 pm #

    I actually couldn’t have cared less about it until Alan started with the blow by blow. I have begun to look forward to his descriptions of each episode of the Mo show. I suspect, however, Mo will not be back for season 2.

  3. Brian at 3:36 pm #

    The wife’s death was awful, terrible, but Hassan is providing a LOT of comedy in this bleak month.

  4. Hapklein at 3:40 pm #

    I find it an interesting study of Hassan and criminal machinations.
    Paul Cambria pointed put Friday that the banality of all of it is a sequence by which Hassan is leading all his tales of woes to a terrible conclusion that their relationship’s failure was justification for he to behead her. He apparently hopes to lead the jury into his confidence that the murder was justified.
    What is good is his patient gathering of fact constantly affirms he is aware of his circumstance and even if crazy he is not legally insane.
    Watch carefully, it is true justice playing out and it appears the Prosecution and the Judge have made the states case seamless.
    All we have to fear is nutty juror now.

  5. WIGS at 11:08 pm #

    This guy needs to stop his grandstanding claiming to be a victim when he murdered/beheaded his wife and accept his eventual punishment for his actions: life behind bars.

    Aasiya wanted to take her kids on a trip to Pakistan (I’m assuming where she was from) and Mo threw all their passports (except his own) over Niagara Falls.  what a sick, disgusting disgrace of a human being.  The only thing I get from his testimony is that he was terribly abusive to her and she tried whatever she could to get out of the hell that must have been their marriage.

    Rot in prison Mo Hassan!

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