Ian Murphy and Kathy Hochul in #NY26

24 Mar

As we reported here first last week, Buffalo Beast Editor-in-Chief Ian Murphy (the guy who famously pranked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker into revealing a lot of his tactical plans as to how he’d further do harm to evil, wealthy, greedy teachers and plow truck drivers) is officially the Green Party candidate for Congress in NY-26.

While some focus on outrageous outrages that Murphy has written during his time at the Beast, they ignore that he presides over an irreverent satirical publication that is meant to laugh and ridicule, and occasionally to make a political point. The same people who express disgust at a tiny fraction of Murphy’s work product at the Beast, generally detest “political correctness” when it comes from someone on the left demanding that people not, e.g., support the beating the shit out of gay people.

Murphy is the only true liberal in the race, and quite frankly the things for which he expresses concern in this video are important indeed. He won’t get too many votes in this largely suburban and rural, rather right-centrist district, but he will make waves, he will challenge his coached opponents and their focus-grouped messages, and he will make the race infinitely more interesting than it otherwise might be.

Visit Murphy’s campaign site at Murphy Can Has Congress.


Kathy Hochul is Erie County’s likeable, competent clerk, who sailed to re-election just last November. Most people have very limited direct contact with government – when they pay taxes and fees, renew licenses, buy a house, set up an estate or administratorship, etc. Oftentimes, these are stressful times for people that can be made exponentially worse by rude, inefficient, byzantine bureaucracies. Hochul has made it her mission to make those contacts with government easy, friendly, and quick for the people of Erie County.

With her recent entry into the congressional race, her opponent (and opponent’s benefactors) have hammered her from the get-go with disingenuous and misleading ads. In what way did Hochul “learn how to tax and spend” while she worked as a part-time lobbyist for her family company two decades ago? Why insinuate that she is currently a “Washington lobbyist”? She raised Hamburg golf fees a dollar a round?! MARXISM! As I’ve said before, the rapidity and viciousness of Corwin’s campaign is (a) clumsy; and (b) indicative of a very worried campaign. Corwin has a thin political resume – sure, she’s got a voting record, but she has zero accomplishments. On the other hand, Hochul has nothing but accomplishments and a thin voting record. I’ll take the latter, thanks.

Literally as soon as Corwin entered the race, she reassured her base that she hates gays just as much as they do. Hochul, on the other hand, hasn’t said word one about her million-heiress opponent, instead focusing on her record of accomplishments, and her desire to do hard work for the people of NY-26. Gosh, which is a more compelling message?

So, the choice as between Hochul and Corwin: do you select the conservative Republican with no accomplishments who worked as a Wall Street Investment Banker, and whose “small business” was sold to the Hearst Corporation for $400 million, and who hates gays and will go to Congress and be Chris Lee with long blonde hair, or do you select the conservative Democrat who has looked out for the taxpayers of Hamburg and western New York throughout her career in public service, and has actual accomplishments that benefit all WNYers. Do you pick the woman who went negative, establishing her entitlement to a congressional seat by lying about her opponent, or do you pick the woman who talks aspirationally about WNY and touts what she’s done as proof of what she can get done in Washington?

With such a crowded race and Murphy being the only real left-of-center candidate, it’s no wonder Corwin is so spooked.

10 Responses to “Ian Murphy and Kathy Hochul in #NY26”

  1. Mr. F.N. Magoo March 24, 2011 at 8:28 am #

    “how he’d further do harm to evil, wealthy, greedy teachers and plow truck drivers”?!? Is he a self-hating Republican?!?!! He wants to plow truck drivers?

  2. Buck Turgidson March 24, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Simple math equation: Ian Murphy = Jimmy McMillan + a heaping dose of douchiness

  3. Paul Fallon March 24, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    How’d you come by that name Buck? I mean, morons like you are not usually big fans of such a radical movie but maybe in your dim brain you thought they should have followed the general’s advice.

    p.s. get new glasses Magoo!

  4. Allen Miller March 24, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    So does this guy have Alan Bedenkos support or is it just bloviation?

  5. Steven March 26, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    The Green Party has done a real disservice to its members by promoting a clown in a serious election. From the website you linked to: “I am pro-adorable puppies. When I’m elected to Congress, and if you’re good, I might get you one.” and “I am pro-Craigslist transsexuals.”


    This is the reason why most people don’t take these 3rd string party’s seriously, if they went to the trouble to get someone filed legally that could have at least picked someone who wasn’t a total clown. Charlie Brown or Luke Skywalker come to mind.

    If your going to make a joke selection and make a mockery of the election process at least pick someone most people like.

  6. Ian Murphy March 26, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    So you’re against adorable puppies? What kind of monster are you?

    The reason people don’t take third parties seriously is because they’ve been told not to by the two major parties and the corporate press that props them up. But I think people are starting to see through the two party bullshit. They’re starting to realize that the truly wasted vote is the vote cast for the Dems and Reps who’ve been dragging this country into the gutter for a generation. They’re starting to realize that the major parties only represent the ultra rich and the corporations. They’re starting to realize that another way is possible. They also realize that not every comment troll tells the truth.

    People are smart enough to go to my issues page and read it for themselves. People are smart enough to see that, yes, I do have a sense of humor and, yes, I’m also talking about real issues.

    And, you know, Luke Skywalker was busy.

  7. Jon Splett March 26, 2011 at 5:24 pm #


    I’ve been a member of the Green party since I registered to vote at the age of 18 and I can honestly say Ian’s candidacy has restored my faith in the Greens moving towards relevance more than anything else they’ve done in the last decade.

    A ‘safe’ pick would have done absolutely nothing to advance the party. The stereotypical Green candidate always ends up being some aging hippie preaching to the choir about how much we’re being fucked over by major parties and corporations. While I’m on board with the message, the doom and gloom doesn’t draw in any new voters, it just lets the same people who vote Green every election cycle receive their sense of satisfaction and go back to complaining. I’ve voted for Ralph Nader in every presidential election I’ve voted in but I get why he doesn’t reach a critical mass. He’s amazingly brilliant but he’s also an uncharismatic, mildly crotchety old man. 

    The thing about the Greens platform is that it lines up really well with what most liberal Democrats will tell you they want out of their government. Equal rights for LGBT community. Universal Health Care. An end to imperialistic oil wars. The question then becomes why do these liberal democrats stay loyal to a party that pays them lip service every election cycle only to lose the political will to do anything about them once they’ve entered office? It comes down to the marketing and perception of the Greens and their message. They may agree with every word that comes out of a candidates mouth, but at the end of the day voters are still very superficial and charisma goes a long way.

    What Ian brings is a personality and a fresh face to a lagging movement. So much of Green party politics and membership is still living in 1960. Up until now, I’ve never felt compelled to involve myself in Green campaigns because I didn’t relate to anyone they pushed forward as a candidate. I’m not alone in this.

    There’s a giant chunk of liberal youth out there looking for someone like them to bring their voice to the table. We need to reach out to them if we’re going to build this party into a force in the next 20 years. For every old asshole bitching about socialist health care and the gays destroying their marriage at a tea party rally, there’s a fresh college graduate getting fucked by student loan debt wishing he had access to a doctor. We’re a Daily Show generation. Humor is how we deal with the fucked up hand the prior generations have dealt us. There couldn’t possibly be a better candidate than Ian Murphy to reach the future leaders of the Green Party.

    Besides, Al Franken used to make jokes for a living and he’s turned out to be a pretty decent Senator. I’m much more worried about people who can’t take a joke being in office than the ones who can.

  8. Paul Fallon March 26, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    Who is this Steven (Burton)? He diligently blogs, over 300 posts in the last three years or so. Yet nobody pays any attention to him. He makes good points too! Except when he dons the role of the church lady. Yet he toils in obscurity. It is sad.

    He is of the very type I find most vexing. Railing at the system that he correctly sees as unfair and corrupt. Yet he so desperately wants to be accepted by it like a boy looking for the respect of his father. They are unable to admit that their reality is a charade. Poor motherfuckers, they should pull their heads out of their asses and bravely stand up and point and say, “the emperor has no clothes!” I think they’ll feel better if they do.

  9. Steven March 27, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    LOL, you gonna post that everywhere Paul? Slow day the desk? Bored?

    I will say this though, you guys are funny in a, boys high school bathroom kind of way.

    Funny is not something the Green Party should be looking for right now though IMO.


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