Celebrating The Broadway Market

22 Apr

Is there a more beloved Easter tradition in Buffalo then a visit to The Broadway Market?  Shopping at the market for butter lambs, sausage, pierogi, rye bread and all sorts of ethnic Easter delicacies is as part of Easter weekend in Buffalo as the Easter Bunny himself.

Over the years, the lovely and talented Christina Abt has led our coverage of this Buffalo institution with videos, live radio spots, newspaper columns and her extensive enterprise feature here at WNYM, “Market At The Crossroads“.  Like Christina, we believe that The Broadway Market is central to our identity as Buffalonians and is a very special part of our past, present and future.  If you love living in Buffalo and WNY and celebrate the region for what it is and not what we wish it to be, these videos originally filmed in 2007, are for you.

Photo taken from Flickr, photographer Chaz Adams, http://www.flickr.com/photos/chazadams/

In the first video, Christina tours Buffalo’s historic Broadway Market during the peak of the bustling Easter season.  In her unique style, Christina explores what makes the Broadway Market such a vital component of the rich cultural tapestry of Buffalo and Western New York.


In the second video, Christina explores the reasons many people come to the market each season, the family history that brings people back and touches on ways to keep the market busy throughout the year.


In the third video, Christina interviews the matriarch of The Broadway Market and the creator of the butter lamb, Dorothy Malczewski.  Dorothy is a special part of our local history, a wonderful woman with a love for her city.


If you haven’t yet read any of Christina’s series on The Broadway Market, please click here and take the time to enjoy her enlightening work.

From all of us at WNYMedia to you and your family, we wish you a very Happy Easter…or as they say at The Broadway Market, Wesołego Alleluja!

One Response to “Celebrating The Broadway Market”

  1. Mike at 6:33 pm #

    If the Broadway Market is so great why do people only go there around Easter? I’m not being a wise guy here, I live out of town and am curious.

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