Donald Trump, The Republican Id

1 May

Last week was a big one for The Donald, who by the way, envisions himself to look like this:

Note the rays of golden sunshine and the Roman sky

His constant drumbeat about the President’s long form birth certificate and promotion of the issue from the bowels of conspiracy theorist websites into the mainstream news resulted in the President releasing his original long form birth certificate.  A conspiracy theory which had been demoted to the same arena of credibility as fake moon landings, 9/11 as an inside job and Paul Is Dead was brought back to life by The Donald himself.

Some would say (beginning with The Donald himself) that Trump was responsible for forcing the hand of the President and it was a victory for Trump as he explores running for President himself in 2012.  I guess Trump could call it a victory to have the sitting President refer to him on national television as a carnival barker and a sideshow.  Perhaps Trump could call it a victory to have the President rope-a-dope him into a corner only to have that President hit him with a massive haymaker of truth. But, that would be denying reality.

However, reality won’t stop Trump from continuing to claim victory, just as reality will not stop internet conspiracy theorists and charlatans like Alex Jones from claiming the conspiracy obviously runs deeper than even he believed.

And since we all know that denial of reality is now a core tenet of Republican politics, the birth certificate issue won’t die on a national level, either.  It’s just taking a breather. We live in two Americas now, the first in which rational people have grown-up fact-based conversations about policy, the second is a self-informed bubble of irrational id into which seeds of fact can find no purchase in the rocky soil of ignorance.  As Johann Hari of The Independent put it last week the current Republican strategy, embodied by Trump looks like this:

Insist(ence) that any fact inconvenient to your world view simply doesn’t exist, or can be overcome by pure willpower. Soon, the US will have to extend its debt ceiling – the amount of money the government is allowed to borrow – or it will default on its debt. Virtually every economist in the world says this would cause another global economic crash. Trump snaps back: “What do economists know? Most of them aren’t very smart.” Confront the Republicans with any long-term social or economic problem, and they have one response: it would go away if only we insisted on our assumptions more aggressively.

Uninformed arrogance, thy name is Donald Trump.  The unreleased id of the Republican Party and the current frontrunner…until someone more crazy comes along.

One Response to “Donald Trump, The Republican Id”

  1. Mike In WNY May 1, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    The only thing Trump lacks at this point is Omarosa for VP.

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