Calamity Jane and her Lame Campaign

21 May

The idea that there is a major rift developing between the Erie County GOP and Monroe County GOP is slowly becoming a thing, and it all has to do with Erie’s feckless, negative Corwin campaign. Langworthy denies it, but once it’s being talked about, it exists.

One of the lobbyist PACs supporting Corwin (who was supposed to be the self-funded shoo-in, IIRC), released an advertisement that contains positive quotes about Corwin that purportedly come from the Tonawanda News. The problem is that the quotes come from Corwin’s own mouth, but they attempt to trick voters into thinking that the paper had somehow endorsed Corwin and her positions.  Not mincing words, the Tonawanda News entitles its editorial blasting Corwin and the conservative national Chamber of Commerce for a “Shameful Misdirection”.

Shameful. That seems to be a popular adjective to be used with “Jane Corwin campaign”.  The editorial begins:

The special election for New York’s 26th congressional seat has been downright dirty and after the most recent blatant effort to deceive voters — which comes at this newspaper’s expense — it is time to place the blame squarely where it belongs: On the shoulders of Republican candidate Jane Corwin and her increasingly desperate raft of supporters.

We have all, by now, seen the ludicrous “assault” video where a Corwin employee goads Jack Davis into a confrontation, then clearly embellishes what happened. It was a quintessential political dirty trick.

“Desperate”. “Blame”. “Deceive”. “Ludicrous”. “Embellishes”. “Dirty Trick”. All in just the first two paragraphs.

We have not endorsed Corwin — or any of the candidates, for that matter — and the chamber’s commercial is a blatant attempt to trick voters into believing we have in order to bolster her credentials.

The news story in question covered a Corwin campaign rally in North Tonawanda on April 18, which ran in the following day’s edition. None of the language used in the advertisement appeared in our story and the two issues ascribed to us — Corwin’s views on “regulations that hurt small businesses” and “job-killing tax hikes” appear only as a passing reference. We encourage readers to view the advertisement, located to the right, and read the article that was written and draw their own conclusions. We believe anyone who sees the ad and its “source” material will agree.

Newspapers are frequent sources in the campaign ads that have taken over the airwaves here in the last two weeks. The generally accepted practice is that newspapers or other media outlets are fair game to source for factual information we have reported, opinions others have expressed or opinions expressed by an editorial board.

It is not fair game to cite a newspaper as a source simply because you were quoted in it. A group as politically active as the United States Chamber of Commerce must know this.

The source that appears on the screen is clearly meant to imply that we — that is the Tonawanda News editorial board — said Jane Corwin opposes “wasteful spending.” The truth is Jane Corwin said these things in our newspaper, a vastly different circumstance.

Corwin’s positions are not the question here. She may well fight against unnecessary spending if elected. It is beside the point.

The fact that a newspaper — one at which the writers and editors work diligently to bring readers unbiased, accurate reporting and responsible opinions — is being misappropriated for a political profit is shameful.

We hope Jane Corwin joins us in recognizing the folly of her supporters at the Chamber of Commerce and in our request to stop airing this misleading advertisement.

And just like Corwin deflects and denies that she can control what her Assembly Chief of Staff, Michael L. Mallia, does when off the state clock, and on her own campaign’s, and just like Corwin claims she can’t force Mallia or Emily Hunter or Nick Langworthy to release the full Mallia tape or any of the Hunter “battery-free” tape, she can’t force her supporters at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to pull the ad. No power, no accountability, no shame.


Oh, and while Corwin is playing make-believe Congresswoman, taking credit for the hard work of a team of people, she’s skipping out on her real job in Albany.  This means that, thanks to Republicans, I don’t have congressional representation, and I have a no-show Assemblywoman, to boot.

Corwin earns $89,000 as a lawmaker; a $79,500 base salary and $9,500 for serving on legislative committees.

Um, she needs that money?

5 Responses to “Calamity Jane and her Lame Campaign”

  1. RaChaCha May 21, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    You go, Tonawanda News! I often pick up a copy of your fine product when I’m up in the Twin Cities. This principled, vocal, and strongly worded stance guarantees I’ll make a point to do so even more often.

  2. Steve May 22, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Pun-dick…you’re such a DEM hack TOOL…looks like Kathy Hochul has been hard at work at her elected position as well…you’ve become a laughing stock in the blog world…get a life you wanna be media “star”…you suck at that as well as your lawyering

    • Alan Bedenko May 22, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

      Steve, Kathy’s staff handles day to day operations at the clerk’s office. She’s an administrator. Corwin’s staff can’t be an Assemblywoman for her.

      They’re great for overacting gigs, though.

      Also, that’s your last anonymous comment. I think anonymity is a privilege reserved for regular commenters; not drive-by asshole Collins tools.

      Have a great day!

  3. DJ May 22, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    “Pun-dick”? Boy… that’s comedy GOLD I tell ya! Got any more Steve? Shouldn’t you be reading Joe “the felon” Illoser’s shakedown site?


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