Vote Today, Watch Tonight #NY26

24 May


Thanks, Chris Lee, for making 2011 interesting

Let’s take a step back today and give thanks to his Craigslistness, Chris Lee, for imploding his political career so dramatically, so unexpectedly, and so quickly.  Another in a long line of moralistic Republican pervs, he paved the way for a race that is being billed by national media as a referendum on the ridiculous Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it, and noted more importantly in the local media as a dry run for the Collins for our Future re-election brain trust.

And what we’ve found outeven if Corwin wins in a squeaker – is that (a) Collins’ sycophantic crew doesn’t know how to handle a credible political opponent and is horrible at “campaigning“; and (b) People young and old detest the idea of receiving a coupon from the government to go out and buy private insurance when they get older, and then being on the hook for the cost the coupon doesn’t cover. It’s a breach of the American social contract as it’s existed since the mid-60s – it takes something that you and I are right now paying for and basically takes it back. Whoever dreamt this up is a dummy. More importantly, anyone who voted for it in Congress, or pledged to vote for it if elected (Jane) is politically tone-deaf. You don’t “save” Medicare by destroying it any more than you “save” a drowning man by throwing baseballs at his sinking head.

Because Jane Corwin, who is Chris Collins without the charm and Chris Lee without the Y chromosome, should have walked away with this thing.  It never should have been close. Regardless of the outcome, she’s already lost.  She’s lost her integrity and her sheen of electoral invincibility in this red area.

A very small amount of blame goes to Jack Davis, who cleverly ran as a “Tea Party” candidate. And he most certainly has every right to don that mantle, as an angry older conservative man with extreme views. He’s got actual grassroots tea partiers supporting him, while the only tea partiers Corwin got were the ones supported by big astroturfing Republican PACs.

Corwin never should have let her Chief of Staff, Michael L. Mallia, campaign for her. She never should have gone along with the plan to harass Jack Davis. She never should have condoned her staffer yelling “coward!” at a veteran. She should have fired him. She should have addressed it and expressed her displeasure. She misplayed the Mallia flap in every possible way it could have been misplayed. Collins’ guys were literally and palpably giddy over that 15 second video of Jack Davis swatting away Mallia’s camera – they even sent it to us.  The next morning, we revealed who the cameraman was and the entire thing rebounded into Corwin’s face. (Incidentally, we’re still waiting for the whole tape, and the second tape.)


Corwin and her surrogates mounted a relentlessly vicious negative campaign against Davis and Corwin. It worked against Davis, to a degree, but backfired on Corwin. It drove up Corwin’s negatives past 50% and drove up Hochul’s positives in a huge way. Recent polls show that the Pelosi Congress is more popular here than the Boehner Congress. Corwin brought Boehner to town and hammered everyone and his brother as being a Pelosi puppet. Clumsy claims that Hochul had raised taxes were addressed rather publicly months ago, in a region where people have almost uniformly chosen to pay higher taxes rather than, e.g., lose the “Village of Sloan” or “Village of Williamsville”.

I’ll be helping Kathy Hochul and her well-oiled, professionally run campaign get their vote out today. I hope you’ll consider taking some time to do the same. Hochul is a unique public servant – she’s responsive and competent. She has taken the offices she’s held and done something positive with them.  She is a student of good government who will go to Congress and continue the good work being done for the region by Louise Slaughter and Brian Higgins. After all, she’s a South Buffalo conservative Democrat in the Higgins mold.

Tonight, turn off your TV and join us here at, where Chris Smith, Marc Odien, Chris Charvella and I will be live-blogging and offering up some audio & video interviews, chatting with you and each other about the election results. The Cover it Live screen will be on the main page, so join us starting around 8:30 or 9:00 pm tonight as we join you from the Hochul campaign party at the UAW hall in Amherst.

5 Responses to “Vote Today, Watch Tonight #NY26”

  1. Black Rock Lifer May 24, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    It is truly amazing that voters would even consider the likes of Jane Corwin. She represents the entitled elite and has little in common with the average citizen. Her arrogance and ignorance of the real problems we face is incredible. Her tactics and demeanor clearly demonstrate her lack of basic decency and contempt for the very people she wants to represent. Send Jane home to Spaulding Lake with a message for Collins, your next.

  2. Randy Cole May 24, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    Is there any way that Chris Lee could be made to pay the administrative costs of this election?

  3. Buck Turgidson May 24, 2011 at 9:41 am #

    I can’t vote in this race, but I am pulling for Kathy Hochul. A quick review of her positions on key issues is why she is the best candidate. She’s done a great job as County Clerk, and has a certain “it” factor that appeals to voters.
    Corwin’s negatives do not stem from how rich she is, where she lives, or “arrogance and ignorance”. Her negatives stem from an abysmally run campaign that gave her the appearance of a GOP talking points robot (as Alan stated in one of his posts, when she spoke freely, she actually has some interesting ideas on some issues). The attack ads, and especially Mallia incident, also hurt her (it’s worth noting that it was posted on this site that the Mallia incident may have been done without Corwin’s knowledge). Bottom line: Kathy Hochul is the best candidate, hands down.

  4. Black Rock Lifer May 24, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    @Buck- I disagree, Corwins attitude reeks of arrogance, you can see it in her ads and whenever she speaks in public. Her ridiculous claim of being an 8 year old businesswoman is a clear example of her overblown ego and delusions of grandeur. As for ignorance, it is rare for a person that inherited 50 million dollars to have a firm grip on reality, that kind of money just removes a person from the problems faced by most citizens. See Chris Collins for another example of this problem.


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