Old Hatreds Die Hard

20 Jun

Don't Disrespect Lenny

When Frank Max and some other town chairs make noise about the recent peacemaking among Democrats in western New York, it doesn’t necessarily mean the deal is in any sort of peril. And just because Frank Max complains to Bob McCarthy and others about being shut out of said deal, doesn’t mean much else except the fact that Max is looking for a little something-something to shut him up.

To be blunt – the people complaining are just looking for what’s in it for them.

Sometimes, groups and people aren’t “brought into the fold” because too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the stew. All I know is that Grassroots’ Maurice Garner, of all people, has indicated that he and his group will take an active role in promoting the Poloncarz candidacy for county executive, and that this was all orchestrated from the highest levels of New York State government and the state Democratic Committee.  I know that WNYMedia.net never used to get Grassroots press releases, and now suddenly, we are. This is a good thing – we welcome this. I also welcome the notion of a unified Democratic front – no matter how tenuous or messy.

The only people making noise about this are people with their (a) hands out; (b) people looking for jobs; and (c) Republicans and their paid mouthpieces & wholly owned subsidiaries. In other words, McCarthy’s sources are identical to other outlet’s sources. Capisce? Democrats are going to have to set aside their self-interest for the greater good. Too bad that doesn’t happen more often in this area.

As for Byron Brown’s announcement that he won’t be supporting either Mark Poloncarz or Chris Collins for County Executive, it would seem to me as if Charlie King’s shuttle diplomacy isn’t as complete as one would have thought. When you have a Democrat running in a tough race, that’s when unity is most necessary. If Grassroots is supporting Poloncarz, it would seem to me as if Brown should, too. It’s a shame, I suppose, that Brown and his camp would place themselves in a corner apart from the remainder of the

War is easy. Peace is hard, and oftentimes messy. Messiness is par for the course with Erie County Democrats, so naturally there’s a great deal of doubt and resistance to all of this. Old habits and rivalries die hard.  That’s why a generalized bitch session – cum – explanation of the deal was held late last week in Lackawanna. Everyone got their grievances off their chests. Everyone now has their eyes on the prize – the 16th floor of the Rath Building.

8 Responses to “Old Hatreds Die Hard”

  1. buffaloobserver at 8:02 am #

    To quote the late Humorist Will Rogers, “I don’t belong to any ORGANIZED political party–I am a DEMOCRAT”! No truer words have been spoken especially here in Erie County. The diversities,factions,opposing views will always be present,and sometimes that is a good thing, what makes the Democratic Party so attractive. Now many times these same forces are hurtful to the cause,especiallly when driven by self interests like power and patronage. I can see where there is some resentment from the suburban town chairs who appear to have been by passed in these dealings,given that the majority of votes lie outside the City of Buffalo. GRASSROOTS is a corrupt organization and the apparent prominence given to them in this effort is understandable and should be a concern not only for the suburbanites but for all. Nonetheless, I suppose it’s better to have them on your side than for them to do nothing for you. The question is then, at what price? I am quite sure that Max and the other town chairs are asking the same question and only want a proportionate piece of the pie. Hopefully all this can get sorted out behind closed doors and then a somewhat unified Democratic Party will emerge to work for at least one election, to defeat the most arrogant and dishonest County Executive we have ever seen. I’m crossing my fingers that this fragile alliance will succeed.

  2. Jesse at 8:13 am #

    WNY politics would be way more fun if, like Game of Thrones, they could stab a dagger in the other guy’s eye now and then.

  3. This Guy at 9:01 am #

    I could give a 10,000 word essay on this, but there is definitely not peace and the reason is not about jobs or a piece of the pie. A deal was cut between the Hoyt, Higgins and Brown people with Cuomo, with no input from the people who actually control the weighted vote in the party. They are pissed off because they had no say and their petitions showed up with Maria Whyte on them despite she had never been endorsed by the party. Beyond that, most saw this for what it was, a use of the governor by Higgins and Brown to do what they couldn’t at the ballot box, remove Lenihan. What has Brown even done in this deal? He is refusing to support Poloncarz and Barbara Miller Williams is still voting with the Republicans. Despite any agreement, Brown and Higgins are going to do nothing for Poloncarz (though some would argue they can’t get much done anyways) then blame the new chairman and move to replace him with one of their own. Sorry Pundit but you are defending an illusion.

    • Alan Bedenko at 9:02 am #

      I’m giving Byron Brown a chance to get his shit together, otherwise I’ll go full-on ballistic. OK?

  4. Brian at 9:45 am #

    Democratic activists that were left out of the deal can and do have a right to be angry about how it all occurred. At some point, though, everyone needs to stop being angry about the past and start planning for the future. 

  5. Interested Citizen at 9:45 am #

    Frank Max has been consorting with Collins to torpedo Poloncarz. Brown and Williams continue to work with a county executive who has done significant harm to the people of the city of Buffalo. Great Democrats!

  6. wolfpack at 3:33 pm #

    Counting votes in Buffalo in November, vast majority being Dems, depends on an interesting county race. Failing that, counts are low. Grassroots seems divided with Brown/Peoples/Garner/MillerWilliams often not on same script. County races may not bring out voters. Jacobs vs Dems (well liked Rep), Poloncarz vs Collins (City garners most funds from Fed, state and bonds – some anger over culturals and M-W votes with Reps).

    City Comptroller needs to be qualified and independent, but the City will be stuck with Schroeder.

  7. Peter A Reese at 11:40 pm #

    Wow, Garner, Eaton and Toth meet with King Charlie and cut up a deal which gives them and their buddies all a piece of the pie. So anyone who won’t go along with the smarmy little deal is just a self-serving opportunist? Logic fails me. The guys who made the “deal” are obviously the self-serving opportunists. What’s in this for Democratic voters? We get a white bread all City slate to run against Collins and his suburban strategy? Can you say voter suppression boys and girls?

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