Chris Christie’s Bluntness

4 Aug

Sometimes it’s rude, grating, and bullying.

But in this instance, it’s patriotic, appropriate, and righteously infuriated. New Jersey’s embattled Republican Governor Chris Christie, you see, nominated a Muslim attorney, Sohail Mohammed, to become a judge. You can guess who complained. Christie is having none of it.


John Cole argues two things with this: 1. we need more of this sort of blunt talk in politics, and less carefully crafted talking points; and 2. when Democrats talk this way, the press corps gets the vapors. And this is ridiculous.

In any event, good on Governor Christie, and good on any political figure who eschews and calls out ignorant racist hatred.  And good on anyone who fights against the people who quite literally informed the guy who killed dozens of Norwegians to protest Muslim immigration in Norway.

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